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The Sacred Fire for Invincible Victory
June 15, 2002
Beloved Souls,
When we create a Yagna it is an invocation to the fire energy. We are invoking an aspect of this energy from the womb of creation. Yagna is a manifestation, a tiny aspect of the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire exists in each of us in the physical form. Sometimes I create these Yagnas when you are not physically present just to force you to go inside. These rituals are to take people from the mind into the heart, from fear to love. It is as simple as ABC. On the 3rd dimension, attention is always focused outside of oneself. The laws of the higher dimensions are different. The 5th and 6th dimensions are about turning within, going inside and manifesting from there. You will find everything you seek inside your own self. This is why I say don't worship me, don't worship the outer. It is all inside you--Christ, Buddha, the Elohim, Sai Ma--everything is inside. The universe is inside of you. It is a matter of AWARENESS and CHOICE.
This Yagna is performed to bless and protect all those who are choosing the Light, serving the Light, and to burn all past karma. The Light being Truth, being Divine, its "duty" is to serve all these beings. The outer self doesn't know and does not generate Sacred Fire, the outer self is to make the call for the Sacred Fire, meaning that we ask every single aspect of the outer self to be filled with Sacred Fire. The Presence in and of the Sacred Fire concentrates and focuses at a point that will produce a special energy for the perfection of the Self. All of us are on a pilgrimage on this planet, all are custodians, we are all "guests" of the Supreme Self, coming into higher levels of manifestation.
The senses have a tendency to work with mind and ego and move into lower frequencies. When one moves into lower frequencies, one is feeding entities that live off of these dense vibrations. So these lower frequencies bind one to lower realms, "evil," "darkness," the dense forces. Many people do not know it, but mankind often uses energy from entities and this comes into one's thoughts, feelings and actions and has a destructive effect.
Now is time for mankind to recreate the highest form of life here. The Sacred Fire burns, reduces to ash, transmutes into purity all these lower frequencies or impurities. It transforms slavery into victory, into Divine freedom, which takes one into the Original Flame. For that, the personality is to give obedience to the Supreme part of oneself, to use the Sacred Fire Presence to burn all energies which are not of the highest.
The use of the Sacred Fire is beyond the word "powerful." Energy when used becomes power. All the time we are using energy, all is energy, all energy is in the Sacred Fire- as well as the Sacred Fire is in all energy. We can use energy to experience passion for God or passion in the outer self. The Sacred Fire has its part of creation, has power to sustain and produce creation. Therefore, if there is "dark" energy in a being, I ask them to focus and use the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire will burn all past contracts one has created, purify the emotional, mental and all the subtle bodies, recreate humanness into wholeness and transmute human creation so that one experiences only the Divine Consciousness which is hidden under layers of human creation.
The substance of this human creation is not pure, so all of this creation is to be flooded by the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire is creation itself, except it is in a different attribute. For Ascension, a person is to give permission to the Sacred Fire to render pure all actions of past and present. Only when a human gives permission to have all actions, thoughts, and feelings washed, flooded, by the Sacred Fire, only then can it happen. Only then these human creations can be changed into perfection. Otherwise actions will never change their vibration, their frequency. When these frequencies are shifted, then we can say Sainthood, Enlightenment, Ascension in higher consciousness is possible.
When I speak of enlightenment, remember that the word "enlightenment" means to put light into something which is not full of light. You cannot "attain" enlightenment because you are pure light at your essence. Do not look for something you already are. You are That. You are already full of light, but it is covered by the actions of the outer self which have not been pure for many lifetimes and have taken you to "lower" frequencies. To God there is no "up" or "down." What I am referring to here is to enlightening the personality so it merges with the Higher Self.
To shift to the higher frequencies, dimensions, the outer self is to give obedience. The reason there has been the tradition of the Guru asking the student to be obedient is because this is the only way human creation says "yes" to higher frequencies. Awareness doesn't come by itself. What we see is that the outer self does what it chooses, lifetime after lifetime. If the outer self obeys the Higher Self as the Guru, then it becomes calm and peaceful. When there is purity of the Flame of Love and Truth which is part of the Sacred Fire, ones own freedom is manifested. Then you are living in dignity, nobility.
To change the energy in the subtle bodies, chakras, nadis, conscious mind, unconscious mind--the whole being--use the Sacred Fire. If an action is "wrong," pour the Sacred Fire into it. The mighty power of the Sacred Fire will install, establish itself in action, and actions will change frequency to a "higher" vibration. This is the fastest way to correct human creation. The Law of the Universe is the Law of the Sacred Fire. From the heart of the Sacred Fire comes all elements. Look around. A flower, a piece of wire, a vase--the Sacred Fire is in all of these as it is in all elements. Shakti creates from the center or womb of creation. The reason why people change after coming to see Sai Maa is because Sai Maa is using Shakti from the Sacred Fire and directing it into their karma, into their contracts with others, into their subtle bodies, personality, thought forms, brain, everywhere, and using it to activate the kundalini.
When one chooses the Will of the Sacred Fire, the Sacred Fire will flood in this being fully. The quickest way to become a Beacon of Light is through the use of the Sacred Fire. When the Sacred Fire is active in a being who is aware and gives obedience to the Sacred Fire, it doesn't take long for them to live in the Light. In fact, the Light you see around Holy beings is because the Sacred Fire is active and has entered their aura.
The Sacred Fire is focused Shakti and can be used in all conditions. It is always at service for purification. When purification takes place, if one is living in the heart they can experience a state of bliss instantly. The Sacred Fire is a great protection.
You all know, or have heard about Ascension. Jesus, the Siddhas, Ascended Masters have all taught Ascension. A Master who you work with will burn your karma maybe 99.99% but will leave some so you can learn about choice and awareness. When Kundalini Shakti enters the first chakra, it goes up the spine and comes down. And as it moves, the Kundalini eats all impurities, but 1%. If we take all your karma from you, you will never have awareness of choice. Always there is awareness required between Light and dark, the force of Light and the force of density, expansion and contraction. The ego/mind can make you feel expanded even when an action is not pure. However the mind is a contraction of the Self, so somewhere you will know what is true--you will experience guilt and shame. The Sacred Fire work is to free the Self from slavery, from contraction of energy, falsehoods, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, the belief systems and patterns we use to protect the personality. The Sacred Fire transmutes this fear. Mankind is trapped in the outer self and unless one CHOOSES to call forth the Light, the Truth, the Source, the I AM, the world will stay the way it is now.
The Sacred Fire can create anything. The outer self is to surrender, correct all actions which are not in alignment with the Inner Self. One is not to rely on others, even Gurus and Ascended Masters, to transform one self. One is to take responsibility to correct one's own action, to respond, to create a higher frequency. BE AWARE NOW. Build your energy to empower yourself. Stop being a seeker all the time. Be the One who is free and stands in one's own identity, one with the I AM Self. This is the power of the Sacred Fire.
Because of free will, there is a part of the force of density that rebels. The outer self of humankind does not wish to give obedience or receive orders. Darkness has to rebel because darkness does not wish to die. The moment darkness accepts obedience it is dying and Light is taking over. Many persons do not like to hear what I tell them to do as their ego is rebelling.
The force of density can only be transmuted by you. Bring impure energy into purity by using the Sacred Fire. The cosmic law is here for you to use. Yagna is a vibration of Sacred Fire, use this Shakti after you have stilled the outer self first. Sit in stillness, then invoke the Sacred Fire. Remember, if you have doubt, you will magnify that doubt. You will magnify whatever emotions are present. So still the outer self first. Only if you are in stillness will you remember this fire that you know, and in that remembrance you will know you are supported by Grace. When you know the Grace is there, the power of the Sacred Fire is instant. If you choose, you can invoke the Sacred Flame into your body, even a part of the body, or the subtle bodies. The Sacred Fire manifests mastery. When invoked with purity of heart you will become purified. Karma will be instantly transformed and the past is over. Whatever has been done in the past doesn't matter. We keep doing work with the Sacred Fire. This is our love for you. Our love for you is in eternity. Ours is an eternal love.
It is very beneficial to love the Sacred Fire, as every being is the Sacred Fire. When you love the Sacred Fire, you are loving the I AM, the Presence, your own Self. When the Sacred Fire is loved, it frees a person. When you want freedom from the senses, when you really choose freedom, it is at the doorstep of your own house. It is real; there is nothing mysterious. Start practicing your own Sacred Fire in your heart, the small blue flame that is in the permanent atom of your own heart. Jesus used the Sacred Fire for Ascension. For one to move into Ascension one has to constantly move in the Sacred Fire, as the Sacred Fire has to burn in all our cells.
The Sacred Fire is the Master Power of Life. One can command the Sacred Fire to transmute all that is not perfection. Ask, but don't "pray," as so often it's the energy of begging for something you are lacking. You lack nothing. The Sacred Fire is within you. I guarantee if you practice this for 3 months, 3 times a day for even one minute of total focus, in love with the Sacred Fire, your energy will be totally transformed. You must be aware of the Sacred Fire, move into it, and ask it to do any work. If you do, the Sacred Fire will jump to do the work. It has been waiting eons for you to invite it into your life.
Remember, if you have doubt, fear or any contracted energy, move into your heart and welcome it. Welcome the fear, acknowledge it, and bring it into the heart. You can locate where it is in the body. Perhaps it is in the solar plexus. You can even hold it with both hands and bring it up into the heart. You can also find the sparkle of light in the center and magnify that light. Regarding doubt, doubt is an energy of separation. It is Light at its essence, yet it goes in the opposite direction of Self. This planet has existed for 14 to 15 million years and still people doubt God, doubt their own Gurus, even after they have meditated for so many years, for what reason do they still have doubt?
I am here to take you to the unlearning process. Be natural as a flower, as an animal, as a drop of rain. Be yourself, only do not PRETEND anymore. I can't bear it. You are a pure being, but you create many things around you that are not pure and cover up the Sacred flame of your body. Use the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire contains all powers to produce, create, and manifest perfection in you and around you in your world. This Yagna is for you. It is a gateway into the inner realms. This is my gift. I love you and see your perfection, which is beginning to shine forth so brightly. The Sacred Fire has been used by many great ones to achieve the Invincible Victory of Life. This is your time. Do not miss the opportunity to build your momentum. You have been waiting for lifetimes to remember this Truth, this teaching. Choose to use this knowledge to empower yourself.
In the Victory of Love,
Your ever,
Sai Maa

The Infamous Master Water

Master Water - Activated by Sai Maa

Activated Primordial Artesian Water
Master Water - One 16.9 fl. Oz. Bottle Price: $12.00 Add:
Master Water - Twenty four 16.9 fl. Oz. Bottles - One Case @ $10 per bottle Price: $245.00 Add:
Master Water utilizes the sacred geometry of creation to produce water that is restored to its fully enlightened state. Just as the vibration of a Master enlivens the quality of enlightenment in the disciple, so the vibration of Master water enlivens enlightenment in other water. Master Water has been personally activated by Sai Maa's shakti to make it Master Water.
Master Water is formulated using Dr. David Wheelers M-Power Aqua Technology and is specially activated by H. H. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. Just a few drops into a glass of clean drinking water will transform the water into micro-clustered water based on the principles of sacred geometry.
Drinking Master Water every day results in optimum cellular hydration resulting in the following five benefits:
  1. increased absorption and utilization ofnutrients
  2. more complete whole body detoxification
  3. increased oxygenation of the cells
  4. more perfect cell replication
  5. illumination of the brain and the cells of the body
People who consume at least 8 glasses daily of clean drinking water with a few drops of Master Water added have reported experiencing better heath, more energy, greater peace and an expanded sense of well being.
This process is based on the M-Theory of Advanced Physics, which states that vibration at a primordial level is causative to everything in the universe including life itself. Pristine artesian water from the Cascade Mountains of Oregon is used to make Master Water, which is also filtered to insure purity. Master Water is safe to drink because no substance is added but only external forces applied to make it. Drinking Master Water promotes hydration and generally increases the quality of life.

Enjoy a bottle Master Water alone, or add two capfuls of Master Water to each gallon of clean drinking water and drink two to three quarts a day. One bottle lasts for a full month. Master Water works like a tuning fork elevating the vibration of the water it contacts up to its original crystalline DNA of pure form and sacred geometry. Also, drink one to two capfuls of Master Water right after waking up and right before going to sleep. It's like drinking liquid light.
How Master Water Works
The M Power Aqua technology used to make Master Water duplicates the forces of nature under ideal circumstances with natural water movement to restore water to its natural enlightened state.
This technology optimizes two fundamental components: 1) the way in which water flows, and 2) the vibrational information that the water receives as it flows. As a result of this natural process, sacred geometry in motion is induced into water in order to reduce and stabilize smaller H20 cluster size.
In clean drinking water, the H20 molecules form very large clusters. Trapped within these large clusters are single H20 micro clusters formed in the shape of a dodecahedron. The dodecahedron is a sacred geometry that Plato called the source of everything in the universe. The M Power Aqua Technology allows the dodecahedron to emerge from these larger clusters. These dodecahedron micro clusters in Master Water facilitate water passing through the doorway of the cell membranes more easily than water made up of larger molecular clusters. This is the basis for creating superior hydration with Master Water.
MasterWater Hydrates Better
In a recent 30 day clinical study conducted at the Fenestra Institute in Las Vegas Nevada on 30 test subjects, every individual in this carefully controlled study exhibited increased cellular hydration of between 18-23.5% when small amounts
of Master Water were added to regular drinking water and the subjects consumed half their body weight in ounces each day (e.g. someone who weighed 140 pounds would drink 70 ounces each day).
The theoretical basis for Master Waters superior hydration through H20 micro-clustering is supported by the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) test cited below. This chart demonstrates the relative size of clusters found in various samples of drinking water using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and provides a comparison to Master Water.
It can be seen that the relative size of the clusters in Master Water (PMW) and in clean water with Master Water added (AMW) are significantly smaller than the clusters of each of the other waters tested. These smaller clusters can enter the cells more effectively causing better cellular hydration.
H2) Micro-Clustering
in Different Samples of Drinking Water

Horizontally, the above graph presents eight water samples for testing with NMR.
Vertically, the above graph presents NMR Line Width in Hertz for each water sample which correlates with the size of the respective water clusters.
Master Water Primoridal Potency (made with External Forces Only)
Clean Water with 2 Tsps Master Water Primoridal Potency Added per Gallon
Tap Water
Lesser Known Brand of Functional Water made with External Forces Only
Well Known Patented Functional Water made with External Forces Only
Well Known Colloidal Mineral Water Brand added to Water
Well Known Mineral Water Brand
Well Known Electrolyte Water Brand
MasterWater Illuminates the Brain
The sacred geometry (dodecahedral H20 micro clusters) in Master Water function as micro power grids which store energy. When Master Water enters the cells of the body this energy is utilized by the cells thus creating illumination. This has been proven with mainstream science and corroborated by the personal experience of people who drink Master Water. A recent test conducted by Fenestra, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada demonstrated that Master Water contains an abundant amount of stored energy. Whereas all other functional water products and drinking water that were tested measured no more than 200 milliwatts, Master Waters measurement was off the scale for the Fenestra technology at 33,000 milliwatts.
When Master Water is consumed; the stored energy becomes applied and immediately illuminates the cells. This has been demonstrated with aura photography as shown below.

Before Drinking Master Water

Two Minutes After Drinking Master Water

Before Drinking Master Water

TwoMinutesAfter Drinking Master Water

Before Drinking Master Water

Two Minutes After Drinking Master Water

Two Years of Drinking
Master Water Daily
The reason that energy is generated in Master Water is that the dodecahedral H20 micro clusters function as micro power grids to store energy. When Master Water enters the cells of the body, the energy is utilized by the cells.

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Ashram Dharma
November 9, 2006
Om Jai Jai Maa
While basking in the bliss of the Shri Satuwa Baba Ashram in Kashi (Varanasi) during the November 2006 Interfaith Congress on Religion and Modern Civilization our Beloved Mataji was inspired to write the following words on Ashram Life. Mataji has requested that this beautiful understanding be shared with all.
Ashram Dharma
"An Ashram has its own dharma, its own purpose, which we will call Ashram Dharma.
An Ashram is a community place where divinity manifests in its fullness, in its glory and Grace; its an abode for the soul. Our eyes may see such a place as commonplace in appearance, in fact Ashram is a domain where all permeates with the power of creation, power of Shakti in Her splendor with such divine consciousness that just by living in such an abode ones consciousness is uplifted simply because the Enlightened Masters Shakti is everywhere. Ashram and Ashram life washes ones impurities from karmas of the present birth as well as old ones, so that one immerses herself/himself fully in that consciousness. The more humble you are the more you benefit from Ashram dharma.
Enter the Ashram with reverence; its a place to discipline your senses, your mind, to free you from worldly affairs. An Ashram is very different from a hotel... Use your time preciously in Ashram, allow your mind to be cleansed and have more of that peacefulness within. What a golden opportunity to go inward! A place to nourish your soul, to serve light, to serve your Dharma through discipline, a place to practice the writings of scriptures, love others, practice respect to yourself as well as to others. You come here for liberation, for wisdom, knowledge. Gods Grace is always present for you, a divine place for awareness, to be wise, to change all non-divine qualities to divine qualities, a place where you allow all your divine attributes to come to surface, to be revealed which brings such joy and peace. A great holy place to learn compassion, not to judge, where you practice the teachings. See the divine in each, cultivate goodness no matter what, you learn to discipline the mind which creates hell for most humans, and starts to live with a heavenly mind.
An Ashram is a sanctuary. You learn reverence, respect, silence, speaking with softness, you learn to respect time for yourself, live a life with no stress, calmness becomes part of your life, you start for the first time (maybe) to be still, to observe discipline which liberates you from the fake lifestyle most live in. In an Ashram, the nourishment for the body is blessed, it is called Prasadam. Prasad is blessed food; you learn discernment in the quality of your serving, you learn to be less and less selfish, to be humble, so humble as naturally you will give up the pride that you carry in the world, meaning you start to be in touch with Perfection within yourself; it is also a great place of cleaning, fast-track therapy. Ego (the ego that separates you from yourself) is challenged; ego cannot judge or praise itself, only service, seva. You will be empowered with your Presence, Shakti, divine life starts, joy reveals, you are being honored as a result by this behavior. You teach the ego obedience, you start to participate joyfully in Ashram activities, you pray, you worship, you chant, you meditate, you cook, you garden, you move into silence. Those who are teachers or therapists whatever you practice, you will be able to teach. As you go to rest your body early, you can contemplate, if you are lazy you have to change. For a community life, you have listen to the community CD conference call, living in Ashram is that practice, you learn very quickly to forgive and forget; the practice of kindness is a must, cultivating the attitude of God in each other creates a humble you no matter what position you have in the world. The more you live with others, the more you love, the more purity is manifested in your heart; while living in community you educate your emotions to function in a simple way, to be unaffected which gives you an idea where you are in your spiritual progress. You may one day find yourself in an inner peace state even though drama is going on! What a great gift.
An Ashram is an abode of Grace!!! When you live in awareness you realize you are always sustained by Grace mostly if you ask for Her. What I also observe is it seems a challenge for some to keep their room in order. Understand the more your belongings are neat the more your mind is tranquil; you are honoring yourself as well as the Shakti you receive. Know that Shakti enjoys to clean. As Grace is everywhere, the more your room is in order the more Grace is in your mind, in your life, meaning when you are back in the world you have become an embodiment of Grace to serve the world. You will feel stronger and calmer. The more passion you express in Ashram, the easier is your sadana and with more passion, with more enthusiasm, you will serve the world. You can come to the Ashram again and again to recharge your batteries and again give to others. Your heart is so full with you, with love, with compassion as your tapasya cleanses whatever is not pure. In Ashram you drop the I-ness easily, becoming more mature on many levels, even in a weeks time. The more the little self is transformed, the more your real self appears, a deep joy from within manifests, a blissful state for no reason. You feel the Presence of God in every day life when aware. The growth is faster and Graceful as you are closer and closer to the Great Intelligence within yourself. You see an Ashram can be considered as an extension of heaven on earth, beauty, love, joy, playfulness, creativity all in action. There is in Ashram life a splendor which you do not find elsewhere. Ashram is a place where experience becomes state, the more you immerse yourself in Ashram life the more this state becomes permanent; there is a fulfillment.
You ask if you have to come to Ashram to get a mantra, NO. Our week long journey in Vail, mantra will be given to those who wish. So Ashram is where you can put your mantra into practice 24 hours a day, keep repeating your mantra. I have written a lot on mantra. Mantra cleanses feeds, gives passion, intensifies your practice, deepens your meditation, a healthier relationship with yourself as well as with others. For seekers of truth it is a great, great tool, your inner knowledge comes to surface effortlessly, Shakti, Presence is fully present in mantras so while you do japa (repeat the name of God) you intensify that Shakti, you activate the power of life itself which expands in the three minds, in your subtle bodies as well as your charkas, meaning you change the quality of your aura then your personality is being divinized. As you are being divinized your love, respect, your life is a peaceful life regardless of what others think of you. So mantras as well as living in Ashram clear the separation, the ego identification so you be more and more yourself; your soul is being fed, is very grateful and wishes to serve you so so much, your heart is being purified, your heart is a flower again offering its fragrance as purity to the world. This is Grace, you shine, you illuminate, you realize the beauty of each, you serve selflessly, there is a joy in you, with you wherever you go, you are the manifestation of a divine soul loving all. You start to emanate the vibration of your mantra, you have been transformed, plentiful, divine lover, divine knowledge, Grace, delight, supreme. Your Dharma (!) fulfilling your incarnation. Not only you have cleansed your room or Ashram kitchen or garden, you have cleansed your mind, your karma, your samskaras. This is the power of Shakti in Ashram life.
Another important point; among your behaviors or attributes is the way you dress, a reverence to your body, respect as you are aware how to speak, to live, to dress also, cover your flesh body! When you act accordingly in any Ashram your mind is freer and naturally thinks with love, flourishes with your heart chakra your humbleness allows your heart to be more free; a more steady mind, your heart is intoxicated with divine power, with Grace, you are becoming an aspirant of life; you are cultivating the purity of Self, of God, of mantra, such sweetness in your heart , tenderness for the divine, faith in spirit, as you master your mind, your emotions, you educate yourself spiritually, devotion is being felt. This is the purpose of Ashram life; the impurities of the mind are purified from worldly affairs. Shanti is taking over as your natural birthright. Divine principles are cultivated in Ashram Dharma. Yes, any religion is welcome in Ashram. Actually one becomes a real Christian, Hindu etc ...thus the practice of a discipline of purity and Gods name which leads one to see God within as well as outside.
Yes, Ashram is a place for inner freedom, it does not matter what you have done in the past, nobody is here to judge you, so know that you are welcomed... come and be filled, be changed by that great power of Shakti, shift human consciousness into divine consciousness. During countless births you have practiced the same worldly matters. Now by realizing yourself as that, you can if you choose, put an end to the wheel of pain and suffering, of ignorance of karma. Surrender to your soul, to Presence, be a master for the world, express your divine virtues from within. Such splendid light is within you, a place created for you to know who you really are. Awareness. Richness of you! Seva! Selfless. Ennoble your personality. Oh! Your innocence. Realization of your multi- dimensional being, sincerity, authenticity, sacredness, life in Ashram teaches you sacredness. The atmosphere itself is an embodiment of that Shakti; when you live in that every day, its radiance, its magic is in your aura. Thus when back in the world you emanate that power of peace, love, light... you are being enlightened. The initiation is active in its total fulfillment; you know you are not the body, or mind or emotions. Knowledge of Truth is now in your awareness, you know what is falsehood, there is wisdom in your awareness, your spiritual energy is now awakened, spirit expresses its love, compassion, divinity, soul light through you. Darshan of Grace you now carry.
You have spent days in the Shakti of a living Master; you are now becoming an embodiment of that, an incarnation of divinity, you have been awakened to the Supreme Shakti, supreme power within yourself. You are an example of knowledge, wisdom, Grace of lineage of saints in this world. Continue to practice the principles of Ashram in the world, contemplate, mediate, chant, be compassionate, be the source of love, source of peace and joy, thus your presence serves others to discover themselves, to be a seeker of the Divine, to be a lover of love, to serve as you are served. You have lived in Ashram a path of spiritual enfoldment; you have received the inner experience of God, the knowledge to serve others, so with blessings of Ashram Dharma serve now."

"Dare, Dare, Dare"
2nd Annual Crestone Holiday Retreat 2006
Dare, dare, dare. Dare to love. Dare to love who? Yourself.
Dare to acknowledge yourself as a being of light.
Dare to see your beauty, the grandeur of your soul.
Dare to create this romance with your soul.
Dare to love fully. Dare to live fully.
Dare to experience joy as yourself.
Dare to face yourself.
Dare to see all the divine attributes, the divine qualities that you carry.
Dare to feel the blessing that you are for this planet.
Dare to bless yourself.
Dare to bless others.
Dare to bless the Masters who are working for this planet.
Dare to know who you are and be that Great Master, walking as peace, as harmony, as love, as light, and be the embodiment of light itself.
Expanded "Dare, Dare, Dare"
as written by Parameshwara Brahmachari and several of Sai Maa's other students
Dare! Dare! Dare!
Dare to be a lover of Love, Divine Love without conditions!

Dare to be loved!

Dare to live in a state of JOY!

Dare to drop all that no longer serves you!

Dare to be Peace, as Peace is within you!

Dare to forgive!

Dare to ask for forgiveness!

Dare to be forgiven!

Dare to forgive yourself!

Dare to accept that you are accepted by God!

Dare to live in a state of gratitude!

Dare to commit to your spiritual path!

Dare to manifest the Divine Presence within you!

Dare to be loyal to your Soul!

Dare to be obedient to the Light!

Dare to think with the heart and love with the mind!

Dare to open to the Grace that is always present!
Dare to embrace all Humanity.

Decide Act Resolve: Enlightenment!
Decide Act Realize: Enlightenment!
Discipline + Achievement+ Responsibility= Expansion or Eternal Light

The Glory of Seva
Beloved Ones,
The sky is magnificently purple, pink. It's magic to see how every season has its own glory, unfolding its own treasures. The nature of rendezvous, in the beauty of selfless service; the power of love, the power of welcoming again and again in Divine Grace. How devoted is nature to us; such an offering, such devotion, such a humble example.
When one loves all that one does, transformation is guaranteed. Go ahead, go ahead, experience. Make every place you go a place of love, a place of service- selfless service, seva, a place of bhakti, a place of transformation.
These practices are the source of joy, of bliss. From that, life reveals its glory to each other and inner transformation takes place. Every single breath is designed to take you to the higher potential of your own being. Welcoming each moment fully is welcoming God, the Divine.
Real welcoming is to allow the goodness of another being to be released, to bring out the love of their heart, to allow the light to shine. It is my joy to see you serving. While you do this, the Guru, the Mother God takes care of you.
Know that when you are busy supporting others, God is busy helping and supporting you. Seva, selfless service to one another, is service to God. Purity of heart in seva is very dear to the Supreme, just as a pure welcome with no desire for reward is very dear to the Supreme.
The sole purpose of service is to fulfill your longing to merge with, and into, the Truth. Very, very often the Guru will give seva and samskaras will be transmuted, karma washed. Seva is the fruit of the Guru. Love, seva is a path to the inner world of Divine Love. And Grace rushes in this sacred heart, the abode of God. When one serves with purity of devotion, one is close to God or the Guru. Then one lives fearlessly, and continuous showers of Grace, as an ocean without tides, is being poured into the aspirant.
All ways devoted to you,
Your Ever

Embodiments of Love,
Some of you are asking when you will be as others (those who are merging with the light).
Beloveds, know that when one yearns for the Light, one gets it. The thing is, how many of you really focus, center yourself, think of the Light? Your attention most of the time goes to other matters.
Number 1 to experience The Self, The Light or Paramatma is DEVOTION. This selfless Love, Pure Love, for The Creator. Always remember Love is the highest truth. Love is Truth, every single thing comes from Love, through Love freedom is experienced. Of course, I'm not just speaking of your love for your offspring or partner. There is no other virtue greater than Love. The Universe comes from Love, the Universe is sustained by Love, and the Universe merges in Love. Meaning, when you are devoted to this Pure Divine Selfless Love, in a practical way, live in it, eat in it, sleep in it, work in it, then eat it, live it, drink it... then you are aware that you are sustained by Love. The more you'll feel sustained by this Devotional Love, the more you'll yearn for it. Then ultimately you merge into this Divine Love.
The power of this Love will unveil the illusion of the worldly life and take one beyond the world of physicality to the world of Supreme Bliss, which has no birth and no end. An experience of life without faith and without Love is full of separateness and thus, full of pain. This Love permeates the whole universe, the whole world. How many are aware of this power?
When I say Love is God, God is Love, I mean Love is the form of God -- all forms are God in essence. How aware are we of this Sacred Love, how do we use this Love? Know this power is right here for you.
If you choose to live in Faith, this Love will be present and Peace will be experienced. When Peace is experienced, Truth is felt. This Devotion, this Selfless Love or Godly Love, can achieve everything. With a devoted heart one always receives Divine Grace. Divine Grace together with Devotion: one experiences Cosmic Love embraced in Bliss -- another aspect of Pure Love.
Be devoted, give more Love, more. That's not enough -- give more, pour Love in every atom that you see. Be the embodiment of Love itself. In whatever so called "negative" or "dark" -- doubt, anger, envy, greed, jealousy -- transmute them, if you choose so, by embracing them with your Love, so pure, so bright, so magnificent. This Love is in you. Go inward. The outer world will not, never, give this to you. You are then a real human being. Play with The Creator. It's a playground. The Creator is waiting for you with Love.
Ask yourself, is Love the undercurrent of all my actions? Self-inquiry can be used if there is not satisfaction of the heart. When there is no feeling of Love even in your meditation practice, or japa is dry, it's better to stop, because it's not serving you. Yearn for this love so you can experience the beauty, innocence, sweetness of this gifted experience of life.
When you emanate Love, just walk in a hall and the hearts of all those who are in the hall melt. You do not have to do anything. When a heart melts, opens, the Shakti, the Grace does its work, every moment of these beings become effortless.
So let everything, let all merge in that precious, unique, Godly Love. That Love which will always uplift you, take you in joy, the joyous heart of a young child living the "now" fully. Once you choose to live in that Love, deep transformations occur. How many are really ready to develop this unique Love within? One may say, I'm ready, Maa, I'm ready." But I'm seeing much doubt -- be sincere with yourself. Are you really ready or is there still some fear, which co-exists in human. When one says "I'm ready," one must be ready, be fearless, doubtless, to be One with Infinity, The Infinite, The Devotion, The Purity, The Sincerity, and....
Please embrace All in you. Be ready and you'll get All. When some of you ask, "Will I see God one day," I tell you to get the vision much love is needed. God is right here in front of you. The illusion is that the eyes that you see with are veiled. Divine Grace will grant you the vision by your devotion. So...
Beloveds, fill your mind with the fragrance of Pure Devotion Love, so that your mind can emanate this Purity of Love. Again, what effort are you practicing to live in this Love? Allow yourself to be transformed by Love. Let the music of Love melt your heart; The Abode of Divinity fill your Heart with Love.
Yesterday a devoted one asked, "What does Maa want?" Yes, what does Maa want? Maa wants you to take the resolution of living in Love, embrace all your qualities with Love, Love All.
In Unity,
Your ever

Remember God is Walking With You
Beloved Souls,
Remember God is walking with you, holding you, supporting you, the love is with you, the Grace is with you. Visualize God the way you choose, personify God if you choose so, and create a relationship, create life with the Divine One. God is around you, above, below, on the sides; there is no place where God is not. Omnipresence of God. You are never alone. You cannot be alone. You are strong....
No doubts, dear ones, no doubt. They will come again and again as clouds, let them be. You continue your path in your sacred, beautiful heart. They must come out, must be transmuted, so you can experience the clarity behind. Chant, feel the joy, the peace. Chant. Take moments of silence, mostly in stormy moments. Appreciate these moments as without them there is no awareness of commitment, of willingness--awareness of your strength of beingness, of your divine consciousness. It is only through non-love that one experiences love. And there only you will discover yourself. I love you. I can see your daily efforts, constant efforts and progress.
Remember moments of peace, of joy, of sadness, of nothingness-- All is God. All is Divine. All. All relationship is God. In different forms God speaks and comes to you. Stop sometimes. Look at a leaf. I'll be speaking to you through the leaf, through a stone, through a drop of rain--Rain, so divine a blessing--through an animal, food, through all. God cannot leave you, because you are God. Where do you think God dwells? In you, in you as Divine Presence, Divine Love. Feel the depth of your heart--so much love is there. I'm there for ever, and where ever I am is love, is nectar, is Bliss, ocean of Pure Consciousness, Shakti.
Be aware that your life has changed. You are another being. You have been touched by Divine Light, directly by the Christ Consciousness, directly by the Cosmic Mother, so your experience of life can be only truer and deeper--deeper connection with you own divinity.
Be aware from the heart every moment. Open yourself to Yourself. Start experiencing the Divine Presence within yourself and outside yourself. Keep giving love to the inner consciousness, to whoever comes on your path.
Invoke God's Presence, so you remain in God's company. Speak to God within, worship this Divine Presence. Set your heart in the highest, allowing the ego to burn in the nectar, the ocean of the Supreme Self. In this love, in this nothingness you experience stillness--God. Action, non-action is the immense presence of God. This presence protects you, blesses you, accepts you, laughs with you. God's light changes your life.
When you receive Divine Grace you are new. Only God's love can empower you, only this love, this grace can capture you, capture your whole being. More will be revealed to you. Develop full faith, anchor the faith fully, penetrate the faith.
The Grace is being poured into your whole being. You are healed. Now only look for the light, the Supreme, the Divine within. You are healed. You are not rejected. You are not abandoned. You are not alone. Change your mantra, "I am lonely," to "I am joy. I am supported and..." God is yours for ever. God belongs to you. This is the Truth that you are seeking.
Truth never changes, the thoughts from the mind change, belief systems change. But Truth is your essence. Divine is your essence. This is the Truth. Divinity is your constant companion. Holding you, kindling you, walking for you, carrying your burden, God loves you. You are loved by this whole universe and you love.
I carry your love for me where ever I go. Thank you for loving me. Your love for me is deep. Love yourself with that "same" love... same does not exist but...
All experiences will stay in you forever, they are part of you. Breathe, devote yourself to your Soul. You may ask what or how to devote. Devotion, bhakti is that love, that love which is given, offered totally without condition, without asking anything. Offer all your thought, feelings, emotions, words, actions to God. Allow God to transmute them into precious pearls for your heart and it comes back with blessings and Divine Beauty; the simplest becomes highest knowledge. This is the Grace of Love.
Open yourself and experience the Divine Glory in your own heart. Stop doing, you are not a human doer, but a human being, so Be, stop "work hard on this or that," stop trying. Be in the non-action within. Allow yourself to create for you. This body is a temple where the divinity is to be realized. Experience the closeness of God. God does not change whether in this lifetime or another. As a human your experience is that God does not change. God is immutable. Life is a play of consciousness with awareness that God is always with you. Whatever happens in your life, remember that it's a divine play. You are playing a role in the whole drama, you are not the drama and not even the role. Today you play this, tomorrow you play that. Nothing besides God is permanent. There is never a moment when I am not with you, you are never alone. This love shines endlessly in you, even in stormy moments, but you are so busy BEING the storm instead of watching, that you do not see or feel this shining love anymore until the next phase.
Be the embodiment of that love, your divinity, your true nature. Serve all with that love. You are an instrument of the Divine. Merge, Merge, Merge. Love is freedom--not to confuse love and attachment. Love is the basis of all relationship. Nothing exists in the whole universe without love. The challenge is Be this Divine Love in your worldly life. Do not imprison yourself in your ideas of good or bad, wrong, right. Take the example of a rose which three days ago was given to me, an immaculate white rose. This morning it's in the compost area. The immaculateness of the rose is now seen or known as garbage. One cannot be without the other. Both are precious. Without compost, no immaculate rose. Without immaculate rose, no compost. Again, only by experiencing non-love can one experience love. It's a great opportunity to go deeper, to penetrate, to experience, knowing, remembrance, also remembering that good comes from non-good elements.
Stop wanting. Cease distinctions. Thoughts or mind changes all the time. You cannot always trust the mind, it is being purified to pure intellect. Be empty, only then fullness is. Three years ago a member of the trip to India asked, "Why do I have to join my hands. Can't I just say namaste?" Yes, you can just say namaste, I answered. When one joins palms together, a feeling of humility arises. When one bows and gives respect facing the one who receives the bowing both are in perfect co-union. Both are empty, both are experiencing God. Both are stillness -- in that emptiness is FULLNESS. Again we experience the inter-connection. You are interconnected with the ALL. You are the ALL.
In Christ's Love,
All ways devoted to you,
Your ever

Adonai Tsebayoth
Embodiments of Love,
It is with great Love, with deep gratitude that I share greetings in the abundance of Divine consciousness.
Abundance is a Divine quality, an attribute of God, a Divine power that sustains all creation. This abundance resides within each of us. From the vast bright universes of celestial creation to the tiniest atomic particles is the abundant flow of God's creation. Wherever our sight goes is abundance. Fullness in Divinity. The abundance of the Creator is manifest in the abundance of the Creation. It is Truth that every human being has access to this Abundance. It is the birthright of every human being to experience this Divine abundance, both as the wholeness of inner unity and it's outer counterpart. Experiencing the abundance of inner fullness is the highest of all.
Life itself is abundance; life is miracle. Yet, most see or think of abundance as material prosperity. Well, wealth of knowledge, wisdom, peace, love, harmony is also abundance. When we experience the Divine attributes within, don't we become more full? When we become more and more full; when we are immersed in the Supreme Light, isn't that Abundance?
The fact that one experiences a Divine life is Abundance.
Treasures of wealth are within us. Being aware of the Grace; living in the delight of the Supreme; being free from dualities; breathing in total Divine faith -- we are then truly rich in Love; we are living in the fullness of Divine Consciousness.
This is Abundance
As soon as the spiritual abundance is experienced, material abundance begins to manifest itself, it begins to emerge and the glory of unlimited abundance is reflected. The shakti of abundance will attract abundance.
In the Indian culture, each attribute of God is personified.
This Godly Principal, Abundance, is personified by
Maha Lakshmi The Goddess of Prosperity
Maha Lakshmi is radiant, standing on a delicate lotus -- the symbol of purity. She embodies the sublime power of all capacities, all the qualities which make life so full, so rich. The whole universe is Her form, Her shakti, Her power and Grace, which are infinite. When we know, through the Grace of the Guru, how to honor this Divine Principal in us, our whole being expands. Maha Lakshmi dwells in our hearts and as soon as we invoke Her Grace with sincerity, we receive.
Maha Lakshmi has four arms: one carries a flower -- symbol of spiritual flourishment, purity of heart and beauty; in one hand is a book -- symbol of knowledge, wisdom, fearlessness,; in another hand are thousands of golden coins continuously offered to the world and in the fourth hand is a golden disc to transmute all darkness. The disc symbolizes the power of victory and devotion.
When one worships Maha Lakshmi, She offers us all her attributes -- wealth in all forms, health, material success, Grace, Divine beauty, Divine Love, a prosperous life, freedom, liberation -- moksha. This is Maha Lakshmi's Grace. The power of Maha Lakshmi is in all of us whenever we invoke her with a pure heart, She manifests Herself in us. We are to honor this shakti, this Supreme power, within us. This abundance is everywhere -- in stars, in nature, in food, in bodies, in our children. When we realize abundance is everywhere, our attitudes are immediately uplifted. Treating this abundance with reverence is our role. As soon as we honor the abundance of Maha Lakshmi , we attract the shakti. We are not to confuse abundance with glamour, this kind of ego feeding possession and appearance that binds us. In Sanskrit, this is referred to as "alakshmi." All of our thoughts and deeds are to be in accordance with the dharmic principle of righteousness.
Abundance can be experienced in many different ways -- as a better quality of life, as an improvement in our worldly service, as an expansion of our subtle talents and skills. More significantly, we can access the abundance of Love, of Shakti; the abundance of new beginnings just as drops of water in the Ganga. Abundance is always here for each of us. Yes, the Divine force of creation is our birthright; just allow the Grace of the Divine Mother to shower, to bestow her benevolent rays upon all.
Abundance is a Divine offering; follow your heart and soul -- choose it now.
Adonai Tsebayoth
H.H. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi

December 2001, Puttaparthi, India
Dear Beloveds,

Let us turn to the inner Divine Being, our Essence. We are now on the journey of consciousness, of self-mastery, the splendor of the Law of Life itself. We are each self-responsible, meaning we respond to the purpose of our incarnation of life.
All of us are multi-dimensional beings. In stillness, we feel The Presence. Through the expansion we bridge all dimensions. As we become consciously whole, in this wholeness we are a divine human, a perfect human. Isn't this the highest way of honoring our Self? This should be our question. We all carry this Divine Blueprint, a Divine Blueprint-such a gift for all living creatures.
This Yagna is our Journey to Remembrance. I am with you. I support each and every one of you non-stop, day and night. Constant grace, constant blessings-there is no lack. Always remember: All is being offered to us all the time. Everything is provided. Are we not created as the Creator's image Itself? Don't we hear this in all scripture?
So, if you want action, be active. If you want stillness, be still. You choose exactly what you want and move in that truth. Now, when I speak of Truth it is always with a capital "T", meaning something that will not change, will not fade, will not have another feeling or another thought form. Face everything. Sit with your heart and rise above and move above with your heart, meaning with love. This is mastery.
In this Yagna, this work will also dissolve habits that many of you have embedded in your cells, your subtle bodies, and your physical body. It transforms through my body, my different bodies. So...habits-non-awareness is a habit-living in habit is like wearing old, old stained, torn clothing over and over again.
Be aware of habit. Habits step out of fear. When one enters the path of saddhana, naturally the Light will bring forth every single thing. Every single detail (which is latent, dormant, and needing to be consumed and transmuted) is to be in the fire of the Supreme and in the Divine Power of Love in this Yagna, where the Love of your Maa is in the center, in the core.
Whatever you do not like has been created by you, and of course, by your emotional mind, meaning fear. And only you-meaning you and only you-can de-create it. The Grace is given to you, to humanity, so de-create or un-create the creation.
Your ever,

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