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  1. These links are very helpful , it's very helpful to hear other peoples experiences with Sai Maa
    I also found this link that you may want to add as well and has very investing experiences shared.

  2. She's a master of robbing people of their self-confidence and spiritual autonomy. I've seen repeatedly, people begin to turn to her as a guide - in a very childlike way. It's unfortunate because this translates into many things in their lives. They become more passive, more open to believing superstitions and paranoid about karma.
    So much in life can be addressed with healthy psychology and the ability to rebound from life's vicissitudes.
    To outsource that ability to another being is very sad. That's the essence of it. People became underemployed, fearful, weak, always 'praying to Maa' for intercession as opposed to changing life situations themselves. That strength of character was torn away.


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