A close friend went to a program - JOPH. Everything they ‘presented’ to Sai Maa was then told to their close friends and these friends never spoke to this person again. Their privacy was violated. They were ostracized and manipulated. The 'healing journey' format of revealing personal information was only a way for Maa and her close students to control or to isolate and black mail. My friend still shudders wondering if Maa will blackmail Journey of Profound Healing participants in the future - or if she does so now. 
Have you been to one of the Journeys?
The format of JOPH is almost exactly the same as "Family Constellation Therapy", which German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger developed it in the 1990s.  Thank you to for the information and to a European friend of mine who first informed me of this.  See the full article about Hellinger's therapy here.
A family constellations session typically takes place in a workshop made up of a group of individuals who are not related. Members of the group stand in for family members of the person or couple presenting a difficulty or concern. The person seeking resolution of an issue, who is referred to as the seeker, or the group facilitator chooses these representatives and places them into position as members of the individual's family, also choosing one person to take the place of the seeker in order to complete the family dynamic. The use of other individuals to represent the family is believed to illuminate the disharmony within the family, and the individuals standing in as members of the family are believed to be able to feel and experience the emotions of the person whose role they have taken on. Hellinger, the developer of family constellations, calls this sense of connectedness, which is said to be felt telepathically by members of the group, the morphogenic field.
Although the representatives speak very little, the sense of knowing believed to result from the process is said to be apparent to all who participate. The seeker watches from the outside to gain new perspective on the situation.  Even when an issue is not fully resolved by the constellation process, the individual who presented the issue may still achieve insight into the issue for which they are seeking help. None of the members of the constellation know the seeker or are aware of the underlying issues brought forth by the seeker, but they often report an awareness of specific emotions and feelings directly related to the individual's situation. The facilitator may ask members to explain what they are feeling, specifically in their relation to other members of the family. This may shed light on certain emotions and relational aspects that can be clearly connected to the issue being addressed.
Resolution may not be immediately clear to the person who has presented the issue. The facilitator in the session repositions members, occasionally asking them to speak their feelings aloud. Members may be moved from place to place in the constellation until they find a position or are able to make a verbal statement expressing feelings of comfort with their place in the constellation."

What was your experience?


  1. I did go to JOPH – Journey of Profound Healing. It was very psychologically violent. The claim was she was pulling out the chords of our karma. We were no longer subject to psychological trauma from the past or neurological/psychological nuances. She continually placed the blame for people’s problems on their parents. There was an intense release at the end; more from the yelling finally ending in truth. She claimed it was her great power. The program actually involved sleep deprivation as everyone searched for the seed of their “problem.” Food intake cut back and hours spent observing or participating in play-presentations of people’s life traumas. One person had been molested when he was 11, by a Maa disciple. Sai Maa claimed he had "wanted it." She claimed to someone else that she would teach them to 'recreate' their lungs in the etheric realm and cure their chronic illness. (for how much $?) She claimed someone else would become alcoholic unless they worked closely with Maa the rest of their lives.
    She tried to villianize people's families and then step in as their new parent figure. She could heal diseases; no one would need psychiatric medication and a few even were no longer going to get cancer. I could see many fellow members ensnared in her claims; I was for a bit, too.
    It’s wild… how we’ll fall for this stuff. I regret meeting the ‘enlightened’ friends; who are really not role models in life.
    Read: they were under-employed and reading into every event that happened, claiming a higher level of consciousness in relationship strains, contacting intuitive, drawing tarot cards, hearing voices, and believing that their "work" was of singular importance. They were narcissistic and emotionally immature. They had recreated an Indian caste system in their own minds.

  2. I came across Sai Maa through an encounter with my Twin Flame last year. If you are not aware of what a Twin Flame is, google it. I met my Twin outside of Sai Maa but I found out after our First Date that Sai Maa was coming to town in Philadelphia a few days later, and she invited me to come along. I was interested in learning more about my Twin (who I was not consciously aware of at the time), I figured what harm could it do? So I paid a couple hundred dollars for a weekend event to meet and listen to Sai Maa.

    First you have to understand. I was an Atheist for the most part. I believe in Love, but I was NOT looking for Spirituality. I was not looking for Enlightenment. I was not looking for answers and I did not feel as though I needed some mystical help. I literally went to this event because I was invited by a romantic interest. What I found was much, much more surprising. There in a hotel conference room was 400 other people who it seemed were there for spiritual guidance and teachings. I was very surprised at how many people were in attendance to this event. I was there and had a chance to listen to Sai Maa answer questions from there crowd. She gave good answers for the most part and talked about how everything in the mind is a choice between Fear & Love. I thought it was interesting that she had followers who had been with her for YEARS but still had the same questions to ask her and still had not found answers for what they were seeking. Then somebody asked about relationships and Love and Maa's EGO came out and answered this question. She actually ridiculed some of her followers that came to her expressing their gratitude about their new relationships or partners and she did not like this one bit. I thought that was strange since she is preaching about Fear vs Love. Why would a being of LOVE not like when her followers get into a new relationship... Unless of course she likes her followers to be brainwashed by her teachings and approval. I learned a couple little bits of wisdom from Maa and overall was feeling as though the teaching was good, but then I heard the Lie of All Lies. MONEY is Energy. What? Money is Energy? That would imply that people who are poor have less energy than others. How is this woman teaching equality and enlightenment while also preaching money is energy? BULLSHIT. Money is energy is a lie that rich people tell themselves to make themselves feel better. Money is an illusion.

    Nobody who is Enlightened believes in MONEY. NOBODY. Nobody who is selling spirituality has truly found spirituality in order to find true enlightenment you have to remove all the fears from your mind, however that is only the starting point. Real enlightenment comes from having a Pure Heart. Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they will SEE GOD. Buddha gave up all his riches to find enlightenment. Finally I heard the Scam from Sai Maa. She was Selling PRAYER STICKS that you sign and put your name on and she would throw into a fire at a later date. She claimed that this prayer stick in the fire would change your life forever and add to your destiny. That my friends is the oldest scam of all time called, The Rain Maker. Pay me money and I will pray to make it rainI had a chance to meet Sai Maa before I left the retreat and I looked into her Soul and saw the Desire in her Heart.

    1. Money is Energy? WOW! Is taking the poor’s money and promising salvation; is that compassion? Compassion is a word used a lot by Sai Maa yet she really does not fully know the meaning of the word at all. This international habit of giving ones allegiance blindly to a guru like Sia Maa a very big mistake that has ruined the health and the wealth of many people. What a total deception!!!
      BRAVO Anonymus for talking out laud and clear about this abusive Crook Sai Maa !

  3. In your mind it is all a choice between Fear & Love. In your heart it is all a choice between Love & Desire. When you make all your choices out of Love you no Longer have desires of the flesh and attachments to the outcomes of said desires. The Buddha taught this of course and so did Jesus. Her teachings to go into the Heart are correct if you are making choices out of Love, however she is preaching EGO & DESIRE. This is the opposite of Love. Ego and Desire are the 7 Deadly Sins of the Heart, the most sinister of all being GREED. Sai Maa is a Greedy person who is looking for control and followers to worship her. People who are truly enlightened embody VIRTUE and not DESIRE. Of course this was not in her teachings at all.

    Unfortunately for me, my Twin Flame did not see this in the same light as I did. She has dedicated years of her life and Thousands of dollars to Sai Maa from her Family. She has all her products and does the conference calls and prays to her Alter of Sai Maa. She was hoping that she could introduce me into this and that I would join her, but that was not the case for me. I saw this as the cult that it is and I told her no I can’t do that. I tried to explain my position to my Twin Flame but all it did was infuriate her more. How dare I claim to be of equal spiritual knowledge of her "enlightened" guru? I was consciously aware of myself and what I needed to do, when it came down to it. I told my Twin Flame NO to all her desires for changing me and whatever "help" she thought she was giving me and said I cannot be around this person. The fact that I did not align with her spiritual teaching caused her to become afraid of me and run away. The silver lining was that through detaching myself from this person in all aspects, I actually cleared my own Chakras and found self-realization or what Hindu call "enlightenment". My Twin Flame had some vision of a perfect relationship exactly how her heart and Maa's heart desires. That is not how love works. Real love it just IS and has NOTHING to do WITH MONEY or what another person can do for you. Unfortunately she will most likely spend many years of her life deceived until she finally figures out that she has been wasting time, energy and money on a cult that does not care about her personally, but the money that she provides. I wrote this message out of Love to share my story. I think about my Twin Flame daily, but I realized that I already shared my lesson with her. Now it is up to her to wake up to the reality that she has been living in for years. I feel sorry for her because she is not aware of it and simply living inside of a lie. It might take 10 years before she figures it all out. Sai Maa and her followers are definitely a CULT and it is all about duping people for MONEY and claiming enlightened spirituality.

  4. I have to say, I did at some take JOP and few courses with Sai Maa for some time and frankly they are without a doubt a Cult.

    I did the journey of profound healing and really didn’t get much out of it except pay a huge amount of money and sit down in a circle with people who shared there problems. Most of the people were wealthy old white people and some had actually taken the JOP courses 9 times, that means they paid a shit load of money going to every JOP with Sai Maa. I spoke with one person and she said this was her 6th JOP with Sai Maa, she had told the same story of her life to Sai Maa 6 times, which is crazy! She told me she came because Sai Maa promised her greatness and that by continuing to come more amazing things would come her way. How could they allow a person to share the same story 9 times, it was the most boring course I have had the sad pleasure of taking. Through the entire course there were only 4 of us that had real stories to share and the rest were in my opinion phony stories from very wealthy people who were just passing the time and didn’t care. Sai Maa sat there in her golden chair and did nothing because she knew she didn’t have to do anything but just sit there and take your money. Its all about taking your money. The JOP felt like it was all fake with theatrics and students all wearing white and sometimes a suit trying to keep the momentum going in the circle. What I got the most from were from the 4 participants who shared there story’s with me and not from Sai Maa at all. The entire show was a waste of money for a week. The people that work for her or students are freaks with wide eyes and total brainwashed mentally, the things they said about Sai Maa making her out to be a female supreme Guru, god like person were bore-line insanity. These students are like devoted slaves to her, its dehumanizing to see how they act around her, chanting her name and kissing her ass. It’s Sick. I sometimes wonder who are the parents of these students and ask what they must be thinking of there daughter or son now that they are devoted to Sai Maa, they have to feel a shame somewhere. To loose your daughter or son to this abusive psychopath fake Guru its gotta make you feel something. I have a friend who also took the JOP who’s life was in great chaos and crisis but after she continued for a few years with Sai Maa I noticed she began to lose family and friends to the destructive brainwashes of Sai Maa and her disciples they literally tore her apart and ruined her live.

  5. Up until 5 years ago we were a very close family then our daughter left and attended JOPH – Journey of Profound Healing classes followed by many other courses for Sai Maa looking for spiritual experience. Since then she has progressively given up on family, friends and her career. We thought all along that this was good happy organization and after a while now we now know for sure that it is a Cult.

    I hope more people will be brave enough to come forward and tell their stories on this website so the world will see how horrible this Sai Maa Cult is and stay away from this destructive Cult group

    These Students are devotee of a guru who lies to her followers about major aspects of there life and puts them in danger, Sai Maa says she is one thing but is clearly another. She expects everyone that is apart of Sai Maa camp to have the same shared delusion as she does.

    We don’t know what to do or say to bring her back our daughter to us. Just hope that one day our daughter might realize that she is on the wrong path. We just hope it doesn’t take her 20 years. It doesn’t take one to be a rocket scientist to realize Sai Maa is crafty, she is not a good Spiritual teacher. For anyone thinking of getting involved with a guru like Sai Maa Stay Away ! Its crystal clear this is a CULT.

  6. At some point in my life part of me just wanted to believe that someone like Sai Maa was real, but like most Guru’s, we discover that she is only human. The astounding revelation is not just that she is human but that someone who has amassed fame and fortune and built a global brand on the promise of fostering love and compassion for all is actually abusive, violent, and vindictive to those under her direct care.

    I took JOPH but what i found was the illusion of JOPH which is all the help you will get is from the people who are there at JOPH not at all from Sai Maa. She is just a filter for all the stories that are shared during the course. And en-fact the for that price you pay which is super expensive you can go to a free center and have the same effect and not deal with all the Spiritual make up show performance they display before you. It really doesn’t take one to be a rocket scientist to realize Sai Maa is crafty, she is not a good Spiritual teacher. Its crystal clear this is a CULT.

    What makes Sai Maa both so successful and so sinister is the loving image she hides behind.
    What Sai Maa is doing is wearing the Masks, not a mask of Plastic Surgery which she does so clearly wear but the mask of Authoritarian Power. And she does it well, which is happening in all guru / devotee relationships. The mind games and the tricks these usually very charismatic and invariably narcissistic people use in order to manipulate others and control them. It seems remarkable that no investigative reporting has been done, that no one from the mainstream media has questioned Sai Maa’s PR. The shadiness of Sai Maa is far and wide. She ropes in new recruits by the thousands on her yearly worldwide Darshans tours which I have attended and goes to Albany, Boulder Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Japan, London, & Canada. Sai Maa’s movement claims that she has touched 26-million people – people who often return as gullible servant devotees, worshiping her godhood and more importantly donating to her coffers.

    Sai Maa makes babies of grown men and women, giving them dolls to babble to and telling them she’s their mother. While speaking fine words about “the God within each of us,” her actions teach something entirely different. Allowing people to pray to you, kneel to you, and worship photos of you on there cell phones, in there homes, God Incarnate is not the behavior of someone who wants people to recognize themselves as magnificent, powerful expressions of God. The words they use on her web-site are all meant to recruit you and full of lies. These student are conditioned to believe that their inner self is less than the glorious Sai Maa entity before them. They’re told, in fact, that their unique, individual person hood is nothing but a self-serving “ego” – flawed, proud, and devious, something to be destroyed before they can be happy. Then they go and leave there families, close friends and loved one to serve this Phony Baloney Sai Maa. Every time they bow down to Sai Maa these devotees shut the door more tightly on the divinity within themselves. It’s a tragedy what you see with cults like Sai Maa, but we can stop it: by spreading this information far and wide. When enough people know the other side of Sai Maa, her crown and power will topple when the public sees through the fairy tales of white sheets, red dots on there head or Chanting which most definitely sets up vibrations and puts you into a state of at least semi-trance, making you much more receptive for the baloney to follow.

  7. I heard from many people that there is NO harmony amongst senior Student of Sai Maa, that they are out of touch Hippies that have no Manners and insult any new Ideas presented.
    There thirteen members who are the main senior devotees students of Sai Maa that support Sai Maa’s global organization at different locations. These are there names Paramacharya Swami Parameshwarananda, Shree Devi Brahmacharini, Krishna Das Brahmacharini, Lalita Shree Dasi, Achyutananda Das Brahmachari, Rajeshwari Dasi Brahmacharini, Acharya Dayananda Brahmachari, Jayendra Das Brahmachari, Mohan Das Brahmachari, Janardan Das Brahmachari, Anantananda Das Brahmachari, Tyagananda Das Brahmachari, Jivananda Das Brahmachari.
    And I know there are a few other member devotees students. These students are all peasants who think they are the new spiritual elite they live with charms, beads feathers, photos of the rapist Sai Baba there homes and of Sai Maa, and wear white clothing and sheets.

    Gurus like Sai Maa are quite willing to use the resources of modern science and society to extend and pay for tax exempt freedoms. AMAZING deception. The more a group or guru talk about love, love, love, you can bet the more vicious they will be when someone dares disagree. Even the act of raising questions with Sai Maa I have seen is often greeted with violent and hyper-defensive retaliation from her and her devotees. This international habit of giving ones allegiance blindly to a guru like Sai a very big mistake that has ruined the health...the wealth of many individuals. Compassion is a huge word used by Sai Maa alot. I ask you, is taking the poor’s money and promising salvation; is that compassion? Is justifying one’s messiah complex telling untrue miracles in talk, showing fake glowing blood cells on screens whilst building multi-million dollar spiritual empires, is that compassion?

    Bring all the illusions to the Light about Sai Maa. Sai Maa is a con job. She is a shitty Indian saint.
    All of her devotees students and elders are disillusioned with the cult you can see it on all there faces and in there eyes.

  8. I am someone who has also spent $2,500’s + Hotel to attend JOPH event myself and attended a few free events of Sai Maa. I have felt like a complete idiot for taking JOPH. JOPH seminar creates psychological damage which wrecks lives and relationships within Families! They take decent, kind people, who have no trained or have knowledge in these areas whatsoever, and they ruthlessly subject them to harsh psychological techniques. Some of them have a breakdown, some of them leave there families mothers and fathers divorce or leave there relationships to follow and become devotees of Sai Maa. The devotees of Sai Maa know this, it happens quite frequently.

    Many people that attend JOPH just take it at face value, they don’t really know what it is. If as them have never heard of that term, and what it means. They don’t know how it works, or anything about it.

    And its the kindest people, who are “too nice” and “too trusting” who pay the price, financially, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

    For a while I have heard of serious warning signs about this woman going back a few years but for some strange reason I didn’t pay attention to the warnings and started to attend JOPH and her free meetings in different parts. She and her devotee have been cashing in for years now, and Sai Maa comes from money, she has a lot of money and a lot of property, her circle of friends are wealthy old white millionaires. Sai Maa does not care about families and if she destroys a relationship within a family. Its just collateral damage for her business. Even worse, she even literally gets-off on the power she has over people. Its completely wrong when people say she has remorse for what she does. She certainly does not ! Sai Maa knows EXACTLY what she is doing with her techniques, and the serious risks. Those are all well-known JOPH seminar “brainwashing” techniques, used to gain powerful influence over people. Those techniques are extremely dangerous, and some people “go over the edge”, or jump over the edge. Narcissistic Sociopaths don’t feel bad if others get hurt. She is a greedy scam artist that needs to be shut down. Others need to be warmed!

    I wish there was a video so everyone can see what actually is going on at JOPH or paperwork. The photos I have seen are not enough. I tell everyone here in Albany to not believe anyone that works for Sai Maa that tells you how great JOPH is or how fast it will change your life.
    IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR LIFE!!!! I have nothing kind to say about this organization and the crazy devotees students that are in it. Sai Maa goes to other countries to re constitute her group, looking to add new Devotees, it’s SCAM that is traveling around the world to scam as many people they can get there greedy little hands on!

    And the whole cult of worshiping this plastic surgery faced Guru really is quite grosses and total in line with the other psycho Hawaii cult named “Michel Rostand” The documentary “Holy Hell” explains everything and Sia Maa is excatly like this cult. Sai Maa is also the disciple of pedophile Sathya Sai Baba.

    Sai Maa is a very Elusive exploitative leader!
    JOPH is a Scam!

    1. Hello Olivia, I never took JOPH and I just for the first time went to one of Sai Maa’s free Darshans here in England at The Assembly Hall at Church House. I can tell you this much I didn’t hear much talk about JOPH but I did hear about the new courses they are starting in the US and soon in the rest of the world called “The Light Legacy Institute” a rubbish name. I did speak to a person that was attending the Darshan and she told me they are planning on stopping JOPH and taking the teachings of Her Holiness Rubbish Sai Maa and break it apart into separate teachings.

      Now here is the catch which is over the top & dodgy, they offer Conscious Healing Phone Calls From Anywhere in the World for a mere $33 per month First Monday of Every Month 9 PM EST in German, French & English (US)

      Then there are separate events to register in different locations in the US for $495: Tuition for 3 days. But does not include the bloody flight and hotel. Sheeeezzzzzzz………!

      It sounds like they are no longer doing JOPH, but interestingly another person at the event told me that Sai Maa is stepping away and taking a huge break from the cult and about to do less teaching and pass the job on to her devotee students named Lucinda Hanover, Achyutananda Das, Becky Morrison, Tyagananda Das, Dayananda, Jayendra Das, Jivananda Das, Lalita Shree Dasi, Mary Sise, Rajeshwari Dasi, Robert Parent, Shree Devi, Swamiji. I did meet one of these blokes at Darshan named Tyagananda Das and I tell you he is certainly off his rocker, same as the rest of the sketchy devotee sad goons who names and photos are on this web-site they launched.

      These crooks are making a lot of money and I’m certainly not blind and can see clearly that they are trying to create a new image for Sai Maa, well I can tell you the new look is still Rubbish! Its a scam through and through even if they are taking phone call through a Skype like service to appeal to a younger crowd.

      You are correct Olivia, that Sai Maa knows EXACTLY what she is doing with her techniques, and the serious risks she is playing with peoples lives to gain influence over people. She is a greedy Narcissistic Sociopath scam artist along with her devotees students that don’t feel bad if others get hurt.

    2. Thank you for sharing this valuable info Simon P.
      These people are delusional and selfish. Sai Maa has now gone to extremes to win new souls and members, this is clearly one of them.

      They are doing the same thing only now by phone and skype one on one. These people are not properly trained to deal with real issues faced by people outside in the world. All they teach is spiritual Mind Control that, Sai Maa she has systematically deploy mind control techniques similar to those use in parapsychology; while distinguishing herself as an omnipresence goddess!

      They keeps you wanting to be at all her events and doing chants calling her stupid name and now talking with her devotees on the phone.

      The truth is Sai Maa is robbing people of their self-confidence and there money. I also blame her devotees who are shown on this website and are experimenting with peoples lives, all of them have caused problems, destroyed lives of loved ones and relationship. There Manipulation has even destroyed relationships in there own lives but they are so brainwashed they cant see the damage they have created.

      They retains people in their inner circles who assist in programing their gullible spiritual seekers with an indoctrination of peer group acceptance. They are constantly opening new branches, changing up the look to appeal to younger people, gaining financial growth due to its members none profit donations.

      They are all Spiritual Cons people need to stay away from the Cult !

    3. Hello Olivia, you are correct in everything you said Sai Maa is indeed a delusional person and these people are not properly trained to deal with real issues faced by people outside in the world. They are Spiritual Cons without a doubt.

      I just heard another member of Sai Maa has just stepped down from this organization. I would expect even more to follow very soon.

      I say this to everyone that asks me about Sai Maa, do not be Seduced by this cult. Sai Maa has no Integrity they use young peoples openness to there advantage by telling them they are not on the right path so that you can be depended on them. She will try to always portray herself as a regular person however the mantel she carries is that she is the Fem Goddess endowed with special powers.

      This Cult has tangled many, many family ties.
      She cuts people off from there families breaking ties to control everything in your life. She lies to people about the rewards and punishment s they will receive. There is Abuse going on in this Cult and it is a pattern. Normal rules do not apply to Sai Maa.

      Its you doing what she wants but for a higher purpose which is absurd! Normal rules do not apply to cults like Sai Maa.

      I encourage everyone to watch two insightful movies one is called “HOLY HELL” and amazing documentary by Will Allen about a young idealist filmmaker documented 20 years of living inside a cult named the Buddhafield Cult that changed how he would see the world forever. The other is called “DEPROGRAMMED” a film by Mia Donovan about Ted Patrick nicknamed “Black Lightening.”

      Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely. Sai Maa is a Cult. Do not be Seduced by this cult or it’s members.


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