(These are two different women, a teacher and her disciple.)
A surgeon would note parallels between their face enhancements as evidence of similar work done.  
It is most apparent for the untrained eye when the pictures are seen in tandem.  
There is nothing wrong with having some minor surgery to augment one's natural beauty.  Both women have aged with grace and dignity.  They look vibrant and young beyond their years.  Congratulations to both!

Before and After images from two Florida-based Plastic Surgeons
Endoscopic Composite Facelift


  1. The brainwashing technique, is very destructive at Sai Maa camp (especially on young impressionable minds) these students actually believes Sai Maa has mystical powers and that she somehow is ageless, well considering all the obvious plastic surgery she has gotten from all the money she has ripped off and extorted from thousands of people I’d say she that might be possible but not for long.

  2. Sai Maa sure has had alot of face Surgery. The first time I saw her i could tell she went under the blade. She is Fake on the inside and Outside, that just tell you enough about her and her fake organization that is putting on a show !! She is merely putting on a show and getting away with Millions from weak minded people.

  3. She is a NARCISSISTS PSYCHOPATH obsessed with the way she looks and the way she is presented!


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