What has your experience been?

How did this organization affect you?
 What has your experience been?

This is a forum for people to discuss their experiences so those who have encountered this teacher may feel less alone.  Please feel free to share both positive and negative experiences with no judgement.  Focusing on firsthand experience and 'showing', less 'telling' is appreciated.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has declared:
"If there is any difference between who you are sitting on your throne, and who you are behind the scenes, then you should not be sitting on that throne."
And on two-faced teachers who deny or rationalize their unwholesome hidden behavior, the Dalai Lama says to students of such teachers: 
"You get out. You let everybody know, you don't keep it secret." 
(Quoted in Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Into the Heart of Life, 2011, pp. 161-2) 

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  1. I have been in belgium too.
    I’ve just waste my money for nothing, superficial topics, every people into the room were like zombies eulogise her with always the same sentence “om jai jai sai maa”.

    She entered in the room just a couple of hours for nothing.
    No teaching, just a show for to be venerated by followers.

    My partner is involved too much spending a lot of money.
    The situation now is that even when we have an argument, my partner write to her via mail for have indications….

    This woman must be stopped NOW!

    1. You are 100% correct She Must be Stopped NOW! Too many peoples lives have been destroyed by Sai Maa, the level of delusion is extreme! The traumatic impact she has caused on many peoples lives is INSANE! Someone needs to take action and stop this Cult and shut them down before it get worse !!

      Sai Maa will not set you free even after you complete a course. You will be forced upon by the stupidity to proceed further. Sai Maa members insanely force other people to join not caring about the kind of impending mental impact. SHE IS A FRAUD!!!!
      And yet she continues even now she is planing on going to England June 30 - July 1, 2017 and Albany, USA Hindu Temple Society, we all need to come together and report her and Stop her here are tips I've received on what to do so far are:
      -File a complaint with the BBB
      -File a complaint with the State Attorney General
      -File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
      *the more complaints the state and federal offices receive, the more they will investigate. These are important! For anyone concerned about their identity, you can call their offices rather than doing it online. (Doing both only takes about 10 mins.)
      -reach out to the media. Radio, news stations etc.

      Sai Maa works to convince her followers and innocent people that she is literally God .
      Its Completely Sickening and Outrageous!

    2. I would like to help you with these complaints, though i am in Canada. forradu@yahoo.ca

  2. She continues to suck a family member dry, her need for money is huge. What religion requires the transfer of wealth to its leaders in exchange for enlightenedment (enstupidment) ?

  3. I came across Sai Maa through an encounter with my Twin Flame last year. If you are not aware of what a Twin Flame is, google it. I met my Twin outside of Sai Maa but I found out after our First Date that Sai Maa was coming to town in Philadelphia a few days later, and she invited me to come along. I was interested in learning more about my Twin (who I was not consciously aware of at the time), I figured what harm could it do? So I paid a couple hundred dollars for a weekend event to meet and listen to Sai Maa.

    First you have to understand. I was an Atheist for the most part. I believe in Love, but I was NOT looking for Spirituality. I was not looking for Enlightenment. I was not looking for answers and I did not feel as though I needed some mystical help. I literally went to this event because I was invited by a romantic interest. What I found was much, much more surprising. There in a hotel conference room was 400 other people who it seemed were there for spiritual guidance and teachings. I was very surprised at how many people were in attendance to this event. I was there and had a chance to listen to Sai Maa answer questions from there crowd. She gave good answers for the most part and talked about how everything in the mind is a choice between Fear & Love. I thought it was interesting that she had followers who had been with her for YEARS but still had the same questions to ask her and still had not found answers for what they were seeking. Then somebody asked about relationships and Love and Maa's EGO came out and answered this question. She actually ridiculed some of her followers that came to her expressing their gratitude about their new relationships or partners and she did not like this one bit. I thought that was strange since she is preaching about Fear vs Love. Why would a being of LOVE not like when her followers get into a new relationship... Unless of course she likes her followers to be brainwashed by her teachings and approval. I learned a couple little bits of wisdom from Maa and overall was feeling as though the teaching was good, but then I heard the Lie of All Lies. MONEY is Energy. What? Money is Energy? That would imply that people who are poor have less energy than others. How is this woman teaching equality and enlightenment while also preaching money is energy? BULLSHIT. Money is energy is a lie that rich people tell themselves to make themselves feel better. Money is an illusion.

    Nobody who is Enlightened believes in MONEY. NOBODY. Nobody who is selling spirituality has truly found spirituality in order to find true enlightenment you have to remove all the fears from your mind, however that is only the starting point. Real enlightenment comes from having a Pure Heart. Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they will SEE GOD. Buddha gave up all his riches to find enlightenment. Finally I heard the Scam from Sai Maa. She was Selling PRAYER STICKS that you sign and put your name on and she would throw into a fire at a later date. She claimed that this prayer stick in the fire would change your life forever and add to your destiny. That my friends is the oldest scam of all time called, The Rain Maker. Pay me money and I will pray to make it rainI had a chance to meet Sai Maa before I left the retreat and I looked into her Soul and saw the Desire in her Heart.

  4. In your mind it is all a choice between Fear & Love. In your heart it is all a choice between Love & Desire. When you make all your choices out of Love you no Longer have desires of the flesh and attachments to the outcomes of said desires. The Buddha taught this of course and so did Jesus. Her teachings to go into the Heart are correct if you are making choices out of Love, however she is preaching EGO & DESIRE. This is the opposite of Love. Ego and Desire are the 7 Deadly Sins of the Heart, the most sinister of all being GREED. Sai Maa is a Greedy person who is looking for control and followers to worship her. People who are truly enlightened embody VIRTUE and not DESIRE. Of course this was not in her teachings at all.

    Unfortunately for me, my Twin Flame did not see this in the same light as I did. She has dedicated years of her life and Thousands of dollars to Sai Maa from her Family. She has all her products and does the conference calls and prays to her Alter of Sai Maa. She was hoping that she could introduce me into this and that I would join her, but that was not the case for me. I saw this as the cult that it is and I told her no I can’t do that. I tried to explain my position to my Twin Flame but all it did was infuriate her more. How dare I claim to be of equal spiritual knowledge of her "enlightened" guru? I was consciously aware of myself and what I needed to do, when it came down to it. I told my Twin Flame NO to all her desires for changing me and whatever "help" she thought she was giving me and said I cannot be around this person. The fact that I did not align with her spiritual teaching caused her to become afraid of me and run away. The silver lining was that through detaching myself from this person in all aspects, I actually cleared my own Chakras and found self-realization or what Hindu call "enlightenment". My Twin Flame had some vision of a perfect relationship exactly how her heart and Maa's heart desires. That is not how love works. Real love it just IS and has NOTHING to do WITH MONEY or what another person can do for you. Unfortunately she will most likely spend many years of her life deceived until she finally figures out that she has been wasting time, energy and money on a cult that does not care about her personally, but the money that she provides. I wrote this message out of Love to share my story. I think about my Twin Flame daily, but I realized that I already shared my lesson with her. Now it is up to her to wake up to the reality that she has been living in for years. I feel sorry for her because she is not aware of it and simply living inside of a lie. It might take 10 years before she figures it all out. Sai Maa and her followers are definitely a CULT and it is all about duping people for MONEY and claiming enlightened spirituality.

  5. SAI MAA is sick, manipulative, exploitative Narcissistic Abuser !
    What is going on that a Cult like this is allowed to continues? This Cult has no respect to family’s. I have spoken to many people who have been affected by this Cult called SAI MAA. The community of Sai Maa are crooked destructive thieves with idiots who promote a fake Guru who reports to be the fem supremacy Guru who on the surface appears to be very benign but underneath that surface she promotes cutting off ties with family members & friends if they don’t agree with there arguments about Sai Maa. She defends the practice of cutting off ties with family and using the excuse that these students were abuse by there parents. Sai Maa sells you this vision of a perfect community. It is anything but. This community is large and is in Naples, FL Denver, CO Philadelphia, PA Albany, NY Montreal, QC, Canada Brussels, Belgium Galway, Ireland Westminster, CO San Diego, CA Scottsdale, AZ Westminster, CO Miami, FL Encinitas, CA. Her corrupt influence runs deep along with her pursuit of profit. And her Ashram properties.

    I watched Sai Maa very carefully for 3 years and I could see how she reacts towards anything that induces an emotional feeling she would actually view this with suspicion, she also tries to control the conversations very really letting anyone finish what they were feeling and if she did you could see she felt awkward & uncomfortable . The practices at Sai Maa are really inappropriate and not to mention morally reprehensible. I was introduced to Sai Maa by one of her students or devotees, at the time I was having a really rough time with work and the time spend with my family. I attend the Journey of Profound Healing course and found it really strange, she teaches people to go “back to the womb to darkness” and to eradicate any life dreams, identity, authenticity and ego; essentially, to erase themselves. At times she would tell me I should leave my family and be happy, to escape from my troubles and simply walk away as she did with her family years ago. She would say “Give it a try what could you loose the world is full of options, take the one you want”. She would make you question your own intuition. Needless to say I did not heed her advise at all. I also felt all the work that was really being done was more from the people in the class then from Sai Maa.

    One Journey of Profound Healing Just course one of many courses cost (The program is limited to 30 participants)
    $4,950.00 x 30participants = $ 148,500 FOR A WEEK
    5 Journey of Profound Healing over the next few months
    5 x $ 148,500 =
    $ 742,500

    Even on her website if you go under sponsor you can see where if you make a $1800 monthly payment you can choose from package such as, if you want advancement in your career, love in your marriage, for $5000 your entire coorp will be blessed. Its total Bullshit yet many people are falling for it.

  6. I completely agree. The people who I gained the most from in JOPH were fellow participants. Sai Maa only messed with the space that the real genuine participants were working to create. There is a real therapy called 'Family Constellation Therapy' that Sai Maa probably ripped off.

    From the Hellinger Institute of Northern California

    "Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations."

    -Bertold Ulsamer

    A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work, who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, observed that many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, aloneness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of "belonging" in our families. Bonded by a deep love, a child will often sacrifice his own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member.

    Family Constellations allow us to break these patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing. "

  7. I have seen Sai Maa and one of her students Marlene Lapointe in Montreal and this woman is completely manipulative and distructive, i have talked to a bouddhist teacher and she confirmed to me that this student of Sai maa has done a reverded transfer on me, I've been in a psychotherapy before, and have been declared by my therapist as beeing healed and this disciploe of Sai maa kind of distroyed what has been done, They are a danger to the world, truly, I tried to see a way to sue them, but it is hard, i've contacted the local police about this Marlene Lapointe, and they can only stop her from approching my family. But i still feel harassed by her! forradu@yahoo.ca


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