Archived newsletter from 2002

I was truly surprised to read this archived letter.  I am familiar with some of Sai Maa's teachings from past personal experience and several friends.  She has been saying the same thing for decades.  It began to sound repetitive to me after a few months...   

The Sacred Fire for Invincible Victory
June 15, 2002
Beloved Souls,
When we create a Yagna it is an invocation to the fire energy. We are invoking an aspect of this energy from the womb of creation. Yagna is a manifestation, a tiny aspect of the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire exists in each of us in the physical form. Sometimes I create these Yagnas when you are not physically present just to force you to go inside. These rituals are to take people from the mind into the heart, from fear to love. It is as simple as ABC. On the 3rd dimension, attention is always focused outside of oneself. The laws of the higher dimensions are different. The 5th and 6th dimensions are about turning within, going inside and manifesting from there. You will find everything you seek inside your own self. This is why I say don't worship me, don't worship the outer. It is all inside you--Christ, Buddha, the Elohim, Sai Ma--everything is inside. The universe is inside of you. It is a matter of AWARENESS and CHOICE.
This Yagna is performed to bless and protect all those who are choosing the Light, serving the Light, and to burn all past karma. The Light being Truth, being Divine, its "duty" is to serve all these beings. The outer self doesn't know and does not generate Sacred Fire, the outer self is to make the call for the Sacred Fire, meaning that we ask every single aspect of the outer self to be filled with Sacred Fire. The Presence in and of the Sacred Fire concentrates and focuses at a point that will produce a special energy for the perfection of the Self. All of us are on a pilgrimage on this planet, all are custodians, we are all "guests" of the Supreme Self, coming into higher levels of manifestation.
The senses have a tendency to work with mind and ego and move into lower frequencies. When one moves into lower frequencies, one is feeding entities that live off of these dense vibrations. So these lower frequencies bind one to lower realms, "evil," "darkness," the dense forces. Many people do not know it, but mankind often uses energy from entities and this comes into one's thoughts, feelings and actions and has a destructive effect.
Now is time for mankind to recreate the highest form of life here. The Sacred Fire burns, reduces to ash, transmutes into purity all these lower frequencies or impurities. It transforms slavery into victory, into Divine freedom, which takes one into the Original Flame. For that, the personality is to give obedience to the Supreme part of oneself, to use the Sacred Fire Presence to burn all energies which are not of the highest.
The use of the Sacred Fire is beyond the word "powerful." Energy when used becomes power. All the time we are using energy, all is energy, all energy is in the Sacred Fire- as well as the Sacred Fire is in all energy. We can use energy to experience passion for God or passion in the outer self. The Sacred Fire has its part of creation, has power to sustain and produce creation. Therefore, if there is "dark" energy in a being, I ask them to focus and use the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire will burn all past contracts one has created, purify the emotional, mental and all the subtle bodies, recreate humanness into wholeness and transmute human creation so that one experiences only the Divine Consciousness which is hidden under layers of human creation.
The substance of this human creation is not pure, so all of this creation is to be flooded by the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire is creation itself, except it is in a different attribute. For Ascension, a person is to give permission to the Sacred Fire to render pure all actions of past and present. Only when a human gives permission to have all actions, thoughts, and feelings washed, flooded, by the Sacred Fire, only then can it happen. Only then these human creations can be changed into perfection. Otherwise actions will never change their vibration, their frequency. When these frequencies are shifted, then we can say Sainthood, Enlightenment, Ascension in higher consciousness is possible.
When I speak of enlightenment, remember that the word "enlightenment" means to put light into something which is not full of light. You cannot "attain" enlightenment because you are pure light at your essence. Do not look for something you already are. You are That. You are already full of light, but it is covered by the actions of the outer self which have not been pure for many lifetimes and have taken you to "lower" frequencies. To God there is no "up" or "down." What I am referring to here is to enlightening the personality so it merges with the Higher Self.
To shift to the higher frequencies, dimensions, the outer self is to give obedience. The reason there has been the tradition of the Guru asking the student to be obedient is because this is the only way human creation says "yes" to higher frequencies. Awareness doesn't come by itself. What we see is that the outer self does what it chooses, lifetime after lifetime. If the outer self obeys the Higher Self as the Guru, then it becomes calm and peaceful. When there is purity of the Flame of Love and Truth which is part of the Sacred Fire, ones own freedom is manifested. Then you are living in dignity, nobility.
To change the energy in the subtle bodies, chakras, nadis, conscious mind, unconscious mind--the whole being--use the Sacred Fire. If an action is "wrong," pour the Sacred Fire into it. The mighty power of the Sacred Fire will install, establish itself in action, and actions will change frequency to a "higher" vibration. This is the fastest way to correct human creation. The Law of the Universe is the Law of the Sacred Fire. From the heart of the Sacred Fire comes all elements. Look around. A flower, a piece of wire, a vase--the Sacred Fire is in all of these as it is in all elements. Shakti creates from the center or womb of creation. The reason why people change after coming to see Sai Maa is because Sai Maa is using Shakti from the Sacred Fire and directing it into their karma, into their contracts with others, into their subtle bodies, personality, thought forms, brain, everywhere, and using it to activate the kundalini.
When one chooses the Will of the Sacred Fire, the Sacred Fire will flood in this being fully. The quickest way to become a Beacon of Light is through the use of the Sacred Fire. When the Sacred Fire is active in a being who is aware and gives obedience to the Sacred Fire, it doesn't take long for them to live in the Light. In fact, the Light you see around Holy beings is because the Sacred Fire is active and has entered their aura.
The Sacred Fire is focused Shakti and can be used in all conditions. It is always at service for purification. When purification takes place, if one is living in the heart they can experience a state of bliss instantly. The Sacred Fire is a great protection.
You all know, or have heard about Ascension. Jesus, the Siddhas, Ascended Masters have all taught Ascension. A Master who you work with will burn your karma maybe 99.99% but will leave some so you can learn about choice and awareness. When Kundalini Shakti enters the first chakra, it goes up the spine and comes down. And as it moves, the Kundalini eats all impurities, but 1%. If we take all your karma from you, you will never have awareness of choice. Always there is awareness required between Light and dark, the force of Light and the force of density, expansion and contraction. The ego/mind can make you feel expanded even when an action is not pure. However the mind is a contraction of the Self, so somewhere you will know what is true--you will experience guilt and shame. The Sacred Fire work is to free the Self from slavery, from contraction of energy, falsehoods, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, the belief systems and patterns we use to protect the personality. The Sacred Fire transmutes this fear. Mankind is trapped in the outer self and unless one CHOOSES to call forth the Light, the Truth, the Source, the I AM, the world will stay the way it is now.
The Sacred Fire can create anything. The outer self is to surrender, correct all actions which are not in alignment with the Inner Self. One is not to rely on others, even Gurus and Ascended Masters, to transform one self. One is to take responsibility to correct one's own action, to respond, to create a higher frequency. BE AWARE NOW. Build your energy to empower yourself. Stop being a seeker all the time. Be the One who is free and stands in one's own identity, one with the I AM Self. This is the power of the Sacred Fire.
Because of free will, there is a part of the force of density that rebels. The outer self of humankind does not wish to give obedience or receive orders. Darkness has to rebel because darkness does not wish to die. The moment darkness accepts obedience it is dying and Light is taking over. Many persons do not like to hear what I tell them to do as their ego is rebelling.
The force of density can only be transmuted by you. Bring impure energy into purity by using the Sacred Fire. The cosmic law is here for you to use. Yagna is a vibration of Sacred Fire, use this Shakti after you have stilled the outer self first. Sit in stillness, then invoke the Sacred Fire. Remember, if you have doubt, you will magnify that doubt. You will magnify whatever emotions are present. So still the outer self first. Only if you are in stillness will you remember this fire that you know, and in that remembrance you will know you are supported by Grace. When you know the Grace is there, the power of the Sacred Fire is instant. If you choose, you can invoke the Sacred Flame into your body, even a part of the body, or the subtle bodies. The Sacred Fire manifests mastery. When invoked with purity of heart you will become purified. Karma will be instantly transformed and the past is over. Whatever has been done in the past doesn't matter. We keep doing work with the Sacred Fire. This is our love for you. Our love for you is in eternity. Ours is an eternal love.
It is very beneficial to love the Sacred Fire, as every being is the Sacred Fire. When you love the Sacred Fire, you are loving the I AM, the Presence, your own Self. When the Sacred Fire is loved, it frees a person. When you want freedom from the senses, when you really choose freedom, it is at the doorstep of your own house. It is real; there is nothing mysterious. Start practicing your own Sacred Fire in your heart, the small blue flame that is in the permanent atom of your own heart. Jesus used the Sacred Fire for Ascension. For one to move into Ascension one has to constantly move in the Sacred Fire, as the Sacred Fire has to burn in all our cells.
The Sacred Fire is the Master Power of Life. One can command the Sacred Fire to transmute all that is not perfection. Ask, but don't "pray," as so often it's the energy of begging for something you are lacking. You lack nothing. The Sacred Fire is within you. I guarantee if you practice this for 3 months, 3 times a day for even one minute of total focus, in love with the Sacred Fire, your energy will be totally transformed. You must be aware of the Sacred Fire, move into it, and ask it to do any work. If you do, the Sacred Fire will jump to do the work. It has been waiting eons for you to invite it into your life.
Remember, if you have doubt, fear or any contracted energy, move into your heart and welcome it. Welcome the fear, acknowledge it, and bring it into the heart. You can locate where it is in the body. Perhaps it is in the solar plexus. You can even hold it with both hands and bring it up into the heart. You can also find the sparkle of light in the center and magnify that light. Regarding doubt, doubt is an energy of separation. It is Light at its essence, yet it goes in the opposite direction of Self. This planet has existed for 14 to 15 million years and still people doubt God, doubt their own Gurus, even after they have meditated for so many years, for what reason do they still have doubt?
I am here to take you to the unlearning process. Be natural as a flower, as an animal, as a drop of rain. Be yourself, only do not PRETEND anymore. I can't bear it. You are a pure being, but you create many things around you that are not pure and cover up the Sacred flame of your body. Use the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire contains all powers to produce, create, and manifest perfection in you and around you in your world. This Yagna is for you. It is a gateway into the inner realms. This is my gift. I love you and see your perfection, which is beginning to shine forth so brightly. The Sacred Fire has been used by many great ones to achieve the Invincible Victory of Life. This is your time. Do not miss the opportunity to build your momentum. You have been waiting for lifetimes to remember this Truth, this teaching. Choose to use this knowledge to empower yourself.
In the Victory of Love,
Your ever,
Sai Maa