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Sai Maa's Master Teachers
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Paramcharya Swami Parameshwarananda
Swamiji is presently theResident Spiritual Master atThe Temple of Consciousness in Crestone, Colorado.He started practicing meditation in 1994. In 1996 Swamijimet Sai Maa, andin 2002 becameone of Sai Maa's Master Teachers and Personal Session Practitioners.
Swamijiholds anM.A. in Psychology and aPh.D. inOrganizational Psychology from New York University. He led the Bay Area Sai Maa Center for 6 years, including group meditations, teaching and seva.In addition, he designed and delivered personal/leadership/team development programs and provided individual/group coaching during 25 years of consulting to organizations. Parameshwarananda is also fluent in French and often teaches intensives in France.

Dr. Rebecca Anderson, D.O.
Dr. Rebecca Anderson met Sai Maa in 1999, and knew in that instantthat her goal of enlightenment could be realized through Sai Maa.Dr.Rebecca has been a master teacher and practitioner of personalsessions since 2002, and a member of the Unity Council (Humanity InUnity'sBoard of Directors) since 2003. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and has apractice as an osteopathic physician.Her choice is to help othersrealize it is their divine birthright to know enlightenment.

Roger Gabriel
According to the Naadi Jyotishees, Roger spent his last life living in Kerala in South India. But, as a result of certain misguided deeds, it became necessary for him to reincarnate, this time in England, where he spent his formative years. In an attempt to rectify his accumulated karmic debts, he decided on a more service-to-humanity lifestyle, this time around.

His connection with India led him to learn meditation in the early 70s. This instantly became his passion and he soon gave up his fledgling career in business management to study and train to be a meditation teacher, moving to the United States a few years later. When the wisdom of Ayurveda began appearing in the West in the early 80s, it seemed a natural progression for Roger to begin studying this ancient system of healthcare. While helping to establish centers for Ayurveda and meditation in the US, he met Deepak Chopra and began assisting him with his seminars and workshops. Roger has taught thousands of people on all continents to meditate and trained another several hundred to be meditation teachers.
Roger first met Sai Maa in 2002, has traveled with Her in India and joined Her teaching team in 2004. Roger became a Personal Session Practitioner in 2005.When not with Sai Maa, Roger alternates his time between teaching workshops and leading groups on spiritual tours of India.

Dagini Amba
Although Dagini Amba was born in Philadelphia, she is now at home in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Dagini returned to the United States in October 2003 after spending a year with Sai Maa in India.She is a personal assistant of Sai Maa and a gifted yoga instructor.

Dayananda Brahmachari
Dayananda, one of Sai Maa's Master Teachers, is now acting as the ashram teaching team seva lead also serves as HHSai Maa's personal cook when She is in town. He was born in Australia and raised in the sacred land of Israel. "In the grace of the mother, in the grace of Her Holiness Sai Maa,
I AM loving you and serving you, my beloved family of light."

Bob Bunshaft
Bobs early career focused on service managing a drug intervention center and funding a shelter for abused women. In May of 1971, he began his active spiritual practice leading to spiritual teaching in 1974. Along the way, he embarked on the more traditional path; getting an MBA and moving from entrepreneurial start ups to nine years as an executive with Time Warner all the while keeping up his spiritual practice. As grace would have it, his practice became routine and flat. The original spark of Shakti had become overshadowed by the demands of daily life. Enter Sai Maa. In August of 2001, he walked into a NY church one Friday evening to hear a female saint speak. He doesnt know exactly what happened that evening but it stuck. Bob has been working with Sai Maa ever since. In May of 2004, Bob became both a Master Teacher and Personal Session Practitioner. Affectionately known as Mensch, Bob lives and teaches in Southern California as well as works in Marketing Management and Business Development. His vision is to integrate the light into all aspects of life including business.

John Casey
After meeting Sai Maa for the 1st time in November 2003, John best describes his ongoing experience of Maa with a quote from don Juan:
"It is the consistent choice of the path with heart
Which makes the warrior different from the average man.
He knows that a path has heart when he is one with it, When he experiences a great peace and pleasure traversing its length."
When you do The Work with Sai Maa you can't help but place your feet firmly on "The Path with a Heart. All of your lifes experiences integrate is such a momentous way.
John is a student of the Master Teacher program and a Personal Session Practitioner. He has 25 years of Sales & Marketing experience in the Consumer Electronics industry, is an NLP Master Trainer, a Reiki practitioner and has years of study & play in the metaphysical world. He lives in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado with his wife Phyllis & daughter/ teacher Marissa.

Liliane Cattalano
Liliane is co-leader of Sai Maas activities in France. After several meetings with Sai Maa in France, Liliane stayed with Her at the ashram of Bet Lar in 2003. Deeply touched by the transformational power of this experience, Liliane was drawn to sharing the beauty and depth of Sai Maas teaching with others. Since then, Liliane has organized workshops, meetings and group meditations on a regular basis in Paris area, some of them blessed with the presence of Sai Maa or the Master Teachers. Liliane joined the HIU teaching team in 2005.
Liliane teaches English and Communication at a French university. She is a knowledgeable student of Sanskrit and Hindu Philosophy focusing her research on the Kashmir Shiva Tantric tradition. Liliane fell in love with India, especially the Himalayas where she travelled every year to receive Shiva Tantric and Shamanic teachings from her first spiritual Master.
Liliane is a long-time practitioner of Tai Chi and Yoga, experiencing the body as a precious ally and sacred tool for expanding awareness of the Universal Breath, Energy, and Divine Joy.

Lewis (Natarajbhai) Denbaum
Natarajbhai knew he had to meet Sai Maa when he heard the Shma Israel chant CD created by Sai Maa in Israel. During his first weekend intensive with Sai Maa in September 2002, Sai Maa expressed Her interest in teaching with him and having him work with Humanity in Unity (HIU). Both have been realized as Natarajbhai joined the Unity Council in 2003 as a Board member and as legal counsel and the Master Teaching Team in 2005.
Natarajbhai began a daily meditation practice in 1971, became a meditation instructor on a 6-month in-residence teacher training course in 1975. He later received advanced meditation training on two 6-week retreats and another 6-month in-residence training course. In addition to initiating people into meditation practice, he taught advanced meditation courses, both in a classroom setting and on week-long retreats.
Natarajbhai has been involved with sacred mens circles, both as a member and as a leader, since 1994, having attended mens training weekends under the auspices of A. Justin Sterling, David Deida, and the Mankind Project (New Warriors).
Natarajbhai works in Fairfield, Iowa as General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer to a national photography company.

Elizabeth Denton, Ph.D.
Liz is the Co-Author ofA Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, (Jossey-Bass, 1999), a past President of the Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology, and holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. Liz has worked for the past 20 years consulting to business as organizational psychologist. Liz has served Humanity In Unity and Sai Maa in many capacities since meeting Sai Maa in 1997. Liz organized Sai Maa's first New York City Intensive in 1998, served as the seva co-lead for annual retreats in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, the co-lead for theAsbury Park intensives in2004, and the lead for special events, such as the evening lectures with Sai Maa and Marianne Williamson in 2004 and 2005. In addition, Liz is the NYC/Northeast Sai Ma Center co-lead, has served on the HIU Board of Directors since 2003 and has been a Master Teacher since 2004. Liz has also served as Sai Maa's liaison with other spiritual leaders and dignitaries, and has served in a public relations capacity, e.g., orchestrating Sai Maa's participation in Assembly and Parliament of the World's Religions (2004), Global Women's Gathering (2004), Annual Conference of the Association for Global New Thought (2004), various television and radio interviews.

Reiko Namita Dewey
Reiko Namita Dewey is an instructor and practitioner in the fields of The Art of Sacred Touch, Visionary Craniosacral Work and Continuum Movement. She has integrated her love and understanding of movement, energy healing and esoteric knowledge into her healing and teaching practice.
In 1994 Namita encountered a life changing experience that encouraged her to leave a successful career in finance to pursue studies in bodywork and healing, Unfolding into a new direction, Namita also traveled to various sacred sites around the world and studied sacred geometries and their relationship to the human experience and healing. This journey has led Namita to her spiritual practice and to a new realization of the Human Condition. Namita first met Sai Maa in September 2001, who has been a powerful influence in her life since. She joined the teaching team and personal session practitioner team in 2005.
Namita apprenticed for three years in Visionary Craniosacral Work with Hugh Milne of the Milne Institute, where she subsequently taught for several years. She is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher, Neuroenergetic Releaase practitioner, and a registered Esalen Massage Practitioner. She is also a trained facilitator of the Flower of Life Teachings as presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek, and a ministerial candidate with energy healer Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center Church. She currently teaches and practices in the Palo Alto area in California, and teaches nationally.

Norma Feldman, MSW
For the past 15 years, Norma has been conducting healing andspiritual transformation workshops throughout the United States. Sheis a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, a hypnotherapist, trainedin all energy psychology modalities, and the use of the Enneagram to transcend the personality and reside in Essence.She has been a featured presenter at International Energy PsychologyConferences for 5 years.
A former Director of Management Development for a Fortune 500 corporation, and with 15 years of corporate training and program development experience, Norma now maintains a national Energy Psychotherapy practice in which she helps individuals transform their lives and clear blocks from trauma, low self-image, lack of confidence, mental and spiritual confusion, phobias, depression and anxiety. Norma began on her spiritual path in 1988, met Sai Maa in 1998 and has been a member of Sai Maa's Master Teacher Team since 2004 and a Personal Session Practitioner since 2005.

Michael Firsow

Catherine Gouret
Catherine has been working with Sai Maa since 1992, and became a Master Teacher and personal session practitioner in 2005. "Sai Maa awakened the spirituality within me and helped me become truly myself by transforming my life one step at a time. I am fascinated by energy work, for which I was trained in Bordeaux by Sai Maa and another spiritual master."
Catherine is an engineer, specializing in management of progiciels, Oracle Applications and SAP. She has been working within the same computer corporation for 17 years.

Shannon Hickey
Shannon Hickey has had a professional counseling and healing practice since 1996. She works with clients nationally and internationally. Her main areas of expertise are helping individuals integrate their personal daily lives with their spiritual path and also working with beings on nutritional and health concerns. Shannon's training consists of being a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a Certified Nutritional Consultant and she has participated in a wide variety of spiritual training courses that have also furthered her abilities. Shannon Met Her Holiness, Sai Maa in 2000 and has been working with Sai Maa since.

Michael F. Herrmann, Ph.D.
In 1973, Michael graduated with a traditional education in clinical social work. However, he says that he found his "professional home" in 1982 when he was introduced to Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy. Hakomi works in a very deep, experiential way with a person's entire being - body, mind, emotions and spirit. Michael has found that once a client's emotional issues are explored and quieted, the spirit naturally emerges. This allows him an opportunity to introduce some of the transformational teachings and practices that he has learned from Sai Maa.
Michael has led workshops at numerous state and national conferences and has taught the Hakomi Method to various groups of psychotherapy professionals. He has also taught an "Introduction to Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine" to nursing students at DePauw University.
Michael became interested in Eastern philosophy and religion in 1976 and began a practice of Zen Buddhism in 1983. When he met Sai Maa in January 2000, he felt like he had "won the cosmic lottery!" He knew then that all his life experiences were leading him to that moment when Sai Maa would ignite his consciousness and "send it on its cosmic journey." He began training as a personal session practitioner in December 2000 and joined the Master Teacher team in Fall 2003.
In addition to his work with Sai Maa, Michael is a student of "kyudo" (Japanese Archery). Kyudo is a martial art that has been called "standing Zen." He has been a practitioner of this discipline since April 1999.

Joseph Klein
Joseph is teacher and healer from many traditions. Josephs gift is his ability to channel the energies of light. This light manifests itself in many ways, such as the healing of physical ailments and emotional traumas. It also brings a blissful state of oneness, peace and serenity. Joseph began his studies with energy in his adolescent years receiving a black belt in Okinawan Kenpo. He was then chosen to receive a series of sacred teachings from Sifu Randy Ford a Kung Fu/Chi Kung energy master. Three years ago (2002) he went to Crestone, Colorado to visit the monasteries. He was greeted at one of the monasteries by a monk who, upon seeing him said, I have been waiting for you. After receiving a blessing from the monk, Joseph experienced the oneness of all creation with great intensity and, three days later, was literally hit by a great light that created a radical and lasting shift in his perception and experience of life.

Because of this experience, Joseph embarked upon a quest to understand and know what this experience was. This journey led him to meet and study with many masters. Sai Maa is one of his dearest and most precious spiritual teachers. Joseph is so very pleased and honored to share the gift of light he received and the gifts of the many paths he has come to know through the Master Teacher program that Sai Maa makes possible by the grace
of her healing, divine shakti. Joseph wishes us to know that this light will lead us home, will return us to the remembrance of who we really are.

Yves-Robert Liard
Practitioner in Bioenergy and physical therapist in Bordeaux, France.
My spiritual path began with a journey in an ashram in India with Sai Maa in fall 1995. During this journey, I understood that the goal of my life is the spiritual path and that Sai Maa is my spiritual guide. During the numerous journeys and intensives that followed with Sai Maa in France, India and USA, my devotion for Her never failed to increase and never stopped.
Recently (2005) Sai Maa offered me to become a Master Teacher, and I receive this as a great gift. I express to Her all my gratitude for the fabulous evolution in my life and for Her trust and the opportunity She has given me to transmit Her Light.

Deane (Shivdhun) Mock
Shivdhun has been teaching meditation/self-improvement courses since 1973. He has been in charge of two prison self-improvement programs since 2000, has been a sound/production manager since 1999, and has been the owner/manager of a $1M painting company since 1989. Shivdhun has been with Sai Maa since 2001, and as he says, "that's a lot!" He currently serves as one of Sai Maa's Personal Assistants as well as one of Humanity In Unity's Audio/Visual Leads.

Rachael Peizer
Rachael met Sai Maa in June of 1998 and has been a devoted student of Sai Maas ever since. She has a strong passion to share all that she has received from Sai Maa with as many beings as possible. Rachael has been the co-lead for the Bay Area Sai Maa community since 2003 and hosts and leads regular meditations from her home in Richmond, California (East Bay Sai Maa Center). She has been a physical therapist since 1996 and practices out of Berkeley California with a specialty in Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy. Rachael joined the Master Teaching Team in 2005.

George Riemer
George is the Co-Lead of the Humanity In Unity Master Teacher Team. He met Sai Maa in 1999 and has been a member of the Master Teacher Team as well as a Personal Session Practitioner since 2002. George has also served on the Unity Council, Humanity In Unity's Board of Directors, since 2001.
George has had a serious daily spiritual practice since 1970. George is also a Reiki practitioner, and he also has studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Karunamayi and others.

George works in Oregon as a Financial Advisor, and jokes (maybe he's not joking!) that he has a "Lifetime Pass to the Great Central Sun."

Michelle Riemer
It seems this life has been a journey of returning to Sai Maa. I have 22 years of holistic health and healing arts study and certification, as well as Taoist study and certification. I have 32 years of meditation and related study in the U.S., India and Bali. I first saw Sai Maa with my physical eyes in 1998 at an intensive in Redding Ca. Since then I have traveled and studied with Sai Maa in Israel, Egypt and India as well as in the U.S.
It has been an honor to serve as a personal session practitioner and teacher since 2000. I currently reside in Bend, Oregon where I co - teach a weekly meditation group and I live part time in Crestone, Colorado.

Mary Sise
Mary was raised in a traditional Irish Catholic Family, with a very strong devotion to the Blessed Mother. Although as a child, she was never exposed to different spiritual traditions, she has spent years studying truth and healing. She was introduced to Sai Maas teachings in 2001, and resonated strongly with the message of love, humanitarian service and global enlightenment.

I am just continually amazed the deep levels of peace and love I have been able to feel since I met Sai Maa. As I continue to let go of my fears, every area of my life is being transformed.

Mary is a licensed clinical Social Worker with a private practice in the Albany, New York area. In addition to being traditionally trained, she integrates Energy Psychology methods into my practice and presents at conferences both nationally and internationally on using these methods with trauma survivors. She has trained hundreds of clinicians in these methods and has produced numerous training videos. In 2004 she started The Center for Integrative Psychotherapy, Inc. as a way to sponsor conferences and trainings on topics that integrate mind/body and spirit.

Gerald Staggs
Gerald is a builder of consciousness who has worked in the construction industry for 30 years. Sai Mas grace and understanding have provided Gerald the means by which to continually grow on his spiritual path. Gerald is honored to share Sai Mas teachings so that others are able to see that we are here to love and to hold light with conscious awareness so we each re-mem-ber who we truly are and why we are all here together.

Geralds commitment is to travel where he is called to assist people in raising their vibration and awareness through truth and love.

David Tresemer, Ph.D.
David Tresemer has a doctorate in psychology, and has written in many areas, ranging from The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains with Hand Tools to a book about mythic theatre, War in Heaven: Accessing Myth Through Drama. With his wife, Lila, he has co-authored several plays produced in the United States, including My Magdalene (winner of Moondance 2004, Best Script). He co-founded the StarHouse Centre in Boulder, Colorado, for community gatherings and workshops of various kinds - from music to personal development - in 1990 ( With William Bento and Robert Schiappacasse, he has co-authored Signs in the Heavens: A Message for Our Time, about the comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp and their crossing of the mysterious and ominous star, Algol. With his wife, he co-founded Healing Dreams Retreat Centre in Australia ( ). He has also founded the Star Wisdom website ( )). He is presently working on The Sun's Gift: The Oracle of the Solar Crosses, an oracle relating to the heavenly imprint on a person's day of birth.

Lila Sophia Tresemer
Lila Sophia Tresemer is a photographer and multi-media producer; Training Facilitator; Playwright; Trans denominational Minister and President of All Seasons Chalice/The StarHouse. She is the Co-Founder of The Path of the Ceremonial Arts, a training for women in Ceremonial Remembrance since 1998. This program extends internationally to women in the US, Israel and Australia. She lives with her partner/husband, David, both in Boulder, Colorado and Tasmania, Australia, where they have a healing retreat
Lila began her spiritual journey in relation to the Divine Mother at an early age, and served as a teacher in one of the early 'mystery schools' in the early 1970's. She met Sai Maa, and recognized her as an incarnation of the Divine Mother, in 2003. She has been a Master Teacher since October of 2004, and has been active in a spiritual practice since 1969.

Steve Wechsler
Dr. Steve, as his patients call him, has been in practice for over 17 years in Syracuse NY. He practices both Chiropractic and Ayurveda. His travels have taken him to India and abroad 6 times to study Ayurveda as well as visit the Ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He passion is to educate and to wake people up to a new reality. He has hosted the Wake Up Show for over 4 years as well as a popular nutrition show on WSYR radio. He has studied and worked with great souls such as Anthony Robbins, Dr. Donald Epstein, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Vasant Lad, and most recently has been a consultation doctor on Dr. Pankaj Narams U.S. Team.

Dr. Steves has taught his Simply Ayurveda as Chiropractic Workshops now on 3 continents to thousands of beings. He meet Sai Maa with Dr. Naram last year and has brought both Sai Maa and her Master Teachers to Syracuse on numerous occasions. He became a Master Teacher in May 2005
A 1988 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Wechsler has been in practice as a Chiropractor at his present location in Syracuse, NY for fifteen years. He has worked in conjunction with the Holistic Center of CNY which offers many holistic therapies as well as traditional treatment. Before coming to Syracuse, Dr. Wechsler was a staff member of Anthony Robbins motivational seminars. He has taught Network Chiropractic seminars throughout the nation and also in Canada and gives talks, lectures and speeches to various groups on health and wellness.
In recent years, Dr. Wechsler has traveled to India to study Spiritual matters and Ayurveda. He holds a Mind/Body Medicine certificate from the Sharp Institute which was presented by Dr. Deepak Chopra. He Has personally studied with some of the most talented minds in the world Dr. Pankaj Naram, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Donald Epstein. Steve is host of Wake Up with Dr. Stephen Wechsler on WSYR, co-host on WSYR the Nutritional Insight Show and radio host WFBL the Second opinion show. Dr. Steve, as his practice members call him, has a nine year old son.

Kelly Williams
Kelly is co-leader of Sai Maas activities in France. Kelly came into contact with Sai Maa through one of the Master Teachers, and from knowingness immediately dedicated herself to working with Sai Maa. Kelly met Sai Maa in person shortly thereafter. Kelly joined the teaching team and personal session practitioner team in 2005.
Kelly has a studio in Paris where she teaches yoga and meditation, and leads spiritual trainings and group meditations. Kelly's training consists of being a teacher of Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and Engaging the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. She continues her yoga studies with great teachers, such as Monique Cabeza in France (Hatha Yoga), Beryl Bender Birch and Tim Miller in the US (Ashtanga Yoga), and during her travels in India. Kelly is bi-lingual English/French, a French lawyer and Texas CPA, with 21 years legal experience in France. Kelly served as a partner with one of the top global accounting firms and an international law firm, specializing in cross-border mergers & acquisitions.

Mona Winfrey

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