Sai Baba - pedophile guru of Sai Maa

The Sai Baba connection is one of the most troubling issues surrounding Sai Maa for myself.  
I will focus here, solely on the highly regarded, professional news organizations who have tried to shed light on Baba's questionable behavior.  Since his passing there is less investigative work being done, obviously.  The BBC did a full documentary investigation in 2004.    The British Parliament brought a motion before the House tabled on February 26, 2001.  The US State Department issued a warning on its India travel page.  
Sai Maa says: "My Baba, he has done nothing wrong." 

Pedophilia is a particularly perverse and sickening complaint against anyone, and with Sai Baba the integrity of the organizations wielding that accusation (BBC, British Parliament, US State Department) leaves no doubt that there is truth there.  Any attempt at justice while Baba was alive was been thwarted by the local Indian authorities and international investigations were handled with great care so as to not further harm the victims who were minors and deserved complete anonymity.
Ultimately no charges could be held against Sai Baba, but clearly the US and British governements did what they could to stop this pedophile when enough complaints accrued.  They publicly declared in multiple forums that a child abuser was being allowed to act without repercussion. 

In prisons, convicted pedophiles are held in solitary cells because when left in the general inmate population, they are murdered and assaulted by fellow inmates.  Even amongst the prison population, there is a retribution for this sort of degrading of the innocence of children.

Sai Maa defends this man?  Is she a lunatic?  This would be political suicide, were she a politician.  Anyone with half a brain would stay far away from anything to do with Baba or his acolytes.
How is being one of his disciples a good thing?  It seems dim-witted to parade that fact with pride.