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Who are the Master Teachers?
A Master Teacher is one who is committed to H.H. Sai Maas mission and whom H.H. Sai Maa has chosen to carry out this mission.
Master Teachers demonstrate their commitment through sadhana, seva, study, and action. H.H. Sai Maa chooses Master Teachers whom She entrusts to embody Her Shakti and transmit Her teachings in this Shakti. She personally trains Master Teachers to hold and convey this Shakti as they serve as practitioners for personal sessions, lead Master Teacher events, facilitate meetings for H.H. Sai Maa during retreats, and carry out other organizational responsibilities. Indeed, attendees of Master Teacher workshops say they experience H.H. Sai Maas Shakti flowing through the Master Teachers.
Part of H.H. Sai Maas mission of global enlightenment is to unite the spiritual heritage of the East with the dynamism of the West. She recognizes that to broaden the reach of Her teachings, training Westerners to teach and share H.H. Sai Maas Shakti and divine love is essential. By establishing a core group of Master Teachers, She can focus on expanding and elevating consciousness, while the Master Teachers present the core knowledge and experience of Her teachings.
Her Holiness Sai Maa's
Master Teachers
Christiane AndersonRedding, CaliforniaChristiane has been a disciple of Sai Maas since 1997 and became a master teacher in 2006. A quest for truth and inner peace has guided her spiritual journey. Christiane believes global enlightenment begins with one person, here and now. She is committed to living her truth and embodying Sai Maas teachings. She works as a clinical laboratory scientist.
Rebecca Anderson, D.O. (Swami Ramyananda)Indianapolis, IndianaDr. Rebecca met Sai Maa in 1999 and knew in that instant that her goal of enlightenment could be realized through Sai Maa. She has been a master teacher since 2002 and a member of the Unity Council, Humanity in Unity's board of directors, since 2003. Dr. Rebecca is an osteopathic physician in Indianapolis. Dr. Rebecca co-created the master teacher program with Sai Maa. She now serves on Sai Maas Visionary Council. Her choice is to help others realize it is their divine birthright to know enlightenment.
Mlanie BarrireQubec, CanadaMelanie says her entire life has led her to Sai Maa. She traveled around the globe for years trying to find her guru, only to meet Sai Maa in her hometown of Qubec. After that meeting Melanie spent weeks repeating her new mantra: Enfin! Enfin! Enfin!Finally! At last! Melanie has become one of Sai Maas master teachers and personal assistants, and a board member of HIU Canada. Her commitment is to share Sai Maas Divine Grace, Love and Shakti with passion, joy, devotion and humility. Melanie teaches English as a second language.
Dagini Amba Brahmacharyina
Temple of Consciousness, Crestone, Colorado

Dagini Amba was born in Philadelphia but is now at home in the majestic Rocky Mountains, serving humanity at the Temple of Consciousness. Dagini spent a year with Sai Maa in India. She is a personal assistant to Sai Maa and a gifted yoga instructor. Her yoga video, Breath of Life Yoga, is available through HIU.
Dayananda BrahmacharyiTemple of Consciousness, Crestone, ColoradoDayananda was born in Australia and raised in the sacred land of Israel. He experienced a spiritual awakening into divine love and light in 1994. He serves as the ashram teaching team seva lead and as Sai Maa's personal cook when She is at Her Crestone abode. Dayananda wishes to fully serve Sai Maa and global enlightenment. In his words, "In the grace of the mother, in the grace of Her Holiness Sai Maa, I AM loving you and serving you, my beloved family of light."
Raghavanand BrahmacharyiBoulder, ColoradoRaghavanand has devoted himself to serving humanity. In 2007, he was named executive director of Humanity in Unity and serves on the Visionary Leadership Council. Raghavanand met Sai Maa in 2002 and joined Her teaching team in 2004. He has traveled with Sai Maa in India and in 2006 His Holiness Satuwa Baba and Her Holiness Sai Maa initiated him with his spiritual name of Raghavanand Brahmacharya. Raghavanand has studied and taught meditation since the early 1970s. He served as assistant to Deepak Chopra, M.D., establishing Ayurvedic centers and organizing Dr. Chopras seminars and workshops. Raghavanand also leads spiritual tours of India.
Judy BrameWoodland Hills, CaliforniaJudy describes meeting Sai Maa in 1997 as the most transformative experience of her life. She has been devoted to serving and supporting Sai Maas work in the world in many different seva roles. As a master teacher, Judy is committed to creating and supporting a team-based approach to the sharing of Sai Maas teachings and embracing all cultures and religions. Judy holds a Ph.D from the University of Southern California and has worked for 40 years as a teacher, coach and administrator in higher education.
Bob BunshaftCarlsbad, CaliforniaBob, affectionately known as Mensch, began spiritual practice and teaching in the early 1970s. While his business career developed, including nine years as an executive with Time Warner, his spiritual practice became routine and flat. Bob then met Sai Maa in August 2001. He did the work and became a master teacher in 2003. He now serves as one of Sai Maas master teacher co-leads and on the Visionary Leadership Council. Bobs vision is to integrate the light into all aspects of his life, including his thriving leadership training/executive mentoring practice.
Joebhai CallahanBoulder, Colorado
John CaseyBoulder, ColoradoDoing the work that Sai Maa teaches, he feels he is on the path of the heart. John is a neurolinguistic practitioner master trainer, a Reiki practitioner and has years of study in the metaphysical world. He has worked for more than 25 years in sales and marketing in the consumer electronics industry. He shares his life with wife Phyllis and daughter/teacher Marissa.
Liliane CattalanoLiliane met Sai Maa in France in 2000 and immediately experienced a powerful love connection and deep resonance with Sai Maas teachings. Liliane organized workshops and regular Sai Maa group meditations near Paris and became a master teacher in 2005. Deeply attracted to the soul of India where she has traveled extensively, Liliane is researching and teaching Hindu philosophy, focusing on the Kashmir Shiva Tantric tradition. She leads group meditations on chakras and light bodies and practices Tai Chi and yoga, honoring the body as a precious ally and sacred tool for consciousness expansion.
David DavisDenver and Crestone, ColoradoDavid Davis has been a disciple of Sai Maas since 2004. With his wife Lorraine Davis, he has been a student of many Native American and Eastern spiritual masters, including Haidakhan Baba and Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. David has served as a certified Rolfer/advanced structural integrator for more than 30 years and has taught Structural Integration for 17 years at the Guild for Structural Integration. He serves as one of Sai Maa's personal body workers.
Lorraine Fox Davis
Crestone, Colorado
Lorraine has been a disciple of Sai Maas since 2004. Born of Cree and Blackfeet heritage, Lorraine is a professional artist and published poet. She has founded and served on the boards of many Native American Indian, East Indian and peace organizations. She was adjunct faculty at Naropa University in Boulder, Colo. Lorraine is married to master teacher David Davis and parent to seven children and 18 grandchildren.
Deanne DawsonLos Angeles, CaliforniaDeanne began her spiritual practice with Sai Maa in 2004 after her marriage ended and she realized she had little concept of her true Self. She deepened her spiritual practice and became one of Sai Maas personal assistants. Today she recognizes she is here to manifest global enlightenment and Divine energy as a teacher and entertainer. She works as an actor in Los Angeles.
Natarajbhai (Lewis) DenbaumFairfield, Iowa
Natarajbhai sought to know Sai Maa after hearing the Shma Yisrael chant CD created in Israel by Her Holiness. Natarajbhai joined the HIU Unity Council in 2003 as a board member and legal counsel and the master teaching team in 2005. Natarajbhai has been practicing and teaching meditation for more than 30 years. He also has been involved with sacred mens circles. Natarajbhai works as general counsel and chief financial officer to a national photography company.

Elizabeth DentonNew York, New YorkLiz recognized Sai Maa as her Guru upon meeting Her in 1997. Liz says at this meeting she experienced unconditional love the first time in her life. Desiring to share Sai Maa with her community, Liz organized several New York intensives and retreats. Liz is the lead for the New York H.H. Sai Maa Center for Enlightened Living, has served on the HIU board of directors since 2003 and has been a master teacher since 2004. Liz holds a Ph.D in counseling psychology and has consulted businesses as an organizational psychologist for the past 20 years. She is co-author of A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America. (Jossey-Bass Inc. 1999).
Reiko Namita DeweyPalo Alto, CaliforniaIn the 1990s, Namita encountered a life-changing experience that encouraged her to leave a successful career in finance to pursue studies in bodywork and healing. She traveled to sacred sites around the world and studied sacred geometries and their relationship to the human experience and healing. This journey led Namita to her spiritual practice and a new realization of the human condition. Namita met Sai Maa in September 2001 and joined the master teacher team in 2005. She is an instructor and practitioner in the fields of The Art of Sacred Touch, Visionary Craniosacral Work and Continuum Movement.
Norma Feldman, MSWHartsdale, New YorkNorma began her spiritual path in 1988 and joined Sai Maa in Her mission in 1998. She has been a member of Sai Maa's master teacher team since 2004 and co-leads the master teacher team. A former director of management development for a Fortune 500 corporation, Norma has conducted healing and spiritual transformation workshops throughout the United States for almost two decades. She is a life coach, master healer and energy therapist, spiritual counselor and teacher. Her vision is to help others transcend their personality and reside in their essence.
Doug FisherWashington, DCFrom a young age Dougs heart has been drawn to serve. His joy is to serve others so that they can fulfill what is of greatest importance to them. On meeting Sai Maa in 2005, Doug experienced being fully and unconditionally known and loved. He knew Sai Maa was aligned with what he was and is committed to all people experiencing manifesting their highest self and contributing their full self expression to life. After meeting Maa, he initiated a Sai Maa Meditation Group in the Washington DC area and joined the Humanity In Unity Fund Development Committee. Doug became a Master Teacher in 2007 and joined the Humanity In Unity Board of Directors in 2008.
He works internationally as a consultant, trainer and coach in leadership development and elevating organizational performance.
Michael Firsow
Temple of Consciousness, Crestone, Colorado
Michael met Sai Maa during a one-day intensive in Washington, D.C., after 9/11 and felt the intuitive call to serve humanity through Her. He has been a master teacher since 2004 and head of Humanity in Unity security since 2005. Michaels first spiritual initiation was into Kriya Yoga as a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. His commitment to global enlightenment is absolute, wishing to radiate inner peace to manifest peace in the outer world. Michaels professional background is civil engineering and mortgage brokering. Today he travels with Sai Maa and works as a certified biofeedback technician, specializing in the EPFX/SCIO device, which allows him to integrate the mind of an engineer with the heart of a yogi.
Chuck FlowersIndianapolis, IndianaChuck met Sai Maa for the first time in 2000, but was not yet ready for Sai Maas Shakti. He encountered Sai Maa again in 2005 and could not turn away. He has been developing conscious contact with God since his 20s, influenced by the Unity Church, Joseph Campbell, Paramahansa Yogananda and the Course in Miracles. He says his spiritual growth has increased exponentially since knowing Sai Maa. Chuck is committed to being a vehicle of the Love and Light that has been graced to him by Sai Maa and wishes that all may realize their True Self. He is married to fellow master teacher Leslie Flowers and father to David and Annie. He works as an instrumental music teacher and guidance counselor in Indianapolis Public Schools and plays trombone professionally.
Leslie FlowersIndianapolis, IndianaLeslie began her spiritual path in college, seeking to develop a relationship with a Higher Power. Her journey led her to Boulder, Colo., and the guidance of a Kundalini master. Leslie first met Sai Maa in Indianapolis in 2000 and again six years later. This time she recognized Sai Mai and her Self as one. Leslie is devoted to manifesting Light in the world through Sai Maas grace and Humanity in Unity. Leslie is married to master teacher Chuck Flowers, mother to two young children and works as a journalist and public relations consultant. She serves as the lead for the Indianapolis H.H. Sai Maa Center for Enlightened Living.
Catherine GouretGeneva, SwitzerlandCatherine has been working with Sai Maa since 1992 and became a master teacher in 2005. She says Sai Maa awakened the spirituality within and helped her become her true Self by transforming her life, one step at a time. Catherines career in engineering has focused on management of business software packages. Fascinated by energy work, she recently began an energy healing practice.
Patricia GrinnanErie, ColoradoPatricia became a master teacher in October 2005. She is a shamanic healing practitioner, a priestess with the Path of Ceremonial Arts and a Feng Shui practitioner. Patricia wishes to manifest global enlightenment by being an example of the Light and sharing the Light with others through her work and Sai Maas teachings.
Michael F. Herrmann, Ph.D
Indianapolis, Indiana

Michael began a Zen Buddhist practice in the 1980s. When he met Sai Maa in 2000, he says he felt like he had won the cosmic lottery. He knew all his life experiences had brought him to that moment when Sai Maa ignited his consciousness and sent it on its cosmic journey. Michael began training as a personal session practitioner in 2000 and joined the master teacher team in 2003. He currently co-leads the master teacher team. He has a private practice in Hakomi mind-body psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology.
Deanne Hinder-HawkinsSydney AustraliaDeanne became a master teacher after Sai Maa visited Sydney, Australia, for the first time in 2006. Deanne has been a Siddha meditation teacher with Swami Baba Muktananda and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda since 1979. Deanne instantly recognized Sai Maas Shakti and seeks to share Sai Maas practices of the Light to further global enlightenment. She works in Sydney as a social worker and therapist for trauma survivors.
Shannon HickeyLouisville, ColoradoShannon has worked with Sai Maa since 2000. Her background includes teaching Transcendental Meditation, working as a certified nutritional consultant and participating in a variety of spiritual trainings. Shannon has an international counseling and healing practice to help individuals integrate their spiritual path into their daily lives as well as address their nutritional and health concerns. In addition, Shannon is the general manager of Full Partner, a web-based service provider.
Anana IntegreFidalgo Island, WashingtonAnana became devoted to her spiritual journey when her second child made her transition. She has been a Religious Science practitioner and has taught college-level metaphysical courses for two decades. Anana believes global enlightenment will occur when all beings know themselves as God. Her intention is to facilitate this knowing through Sai Maas teachings and Shakti. She is a public speaker and retired university administrator.
Amanda Kamsler
Sydney, Australia
Amanda became a master teacher in 2006. She has been engaged in a regular spiritual practice since 1989, studying and practicing the teachings of spiritual masters. Amanda is profoundly grateful to Sai Maa for constantly reminding her of her own Light, for showing her how to step more fully into living as that Light and for re-igniting her enthusiasm to living life fully. She also is most grateful to serve with the radiant group of master teachers. Amandas career has been as a psychologist in public and private health organizations and in private practice. She also facilitates ceremonies to honor and celebrate life transitions. Amanda and husband Steven co-lead the H.H. Sai Mai Center for Enlightened Living in Sydney.

Joseph KleinPlaya Del Ray, CaliforniaJoseph is a teacher and healer from many traditions, including the martial arts. His gift is an ability to channel light energies to heal physical ailments and emotional traumas. Joseph is pleased and honored to share the gift of light he receives through the master teacher program, which Sai Maa makes possible by the grace of Her healing, divine Shakti. Joseph wishes all beings to know that this light will lead us home and return us to the remembrance of who we really are.
Christian LegaultQubec, CanadaChristian has been actively on a spiritual path for 24 years. After 12 years of shopping, he recognized Sai Baba as his master. Twelve years later, Christian physically met Sai Maa and realized that Sai Maa and Baba are One. He says one year of working with Sai Maa surpassed the previous 24 years in terms of spiritual metamorphosis. Christian built and co-leads the H.H. Sai Mai Center for Enlightened Living in Qubec. Professionally, he manages a consulting firm in the organic food industry and supports the development of high-quality food products.
Yves-Robert LiardBordeaux, FranceYves-Robert began his journey with Sai Maa in 1995 at an ashram in India. At this meeting he realized the goal of his life is the spiritual path, and Sai Maa is his spiritual guide. He has traveled on numerous journeys and has experienced many intensives with Sai Maa in France, India and the United States. He became a master teacher in 2005. His devotion to Sai Maa continues to increase. Yves-Robert is most grateful for the evolution in his life and for the trust and opportunity Sai Maa has given him to transmit Her Light. Professionally, Yves-Robert is a physical therapist and bioenergy practitioner.
Ganambika Amma
(Tantra Maat)
Sacramento, CaliforniaSince she was a small child, Ganambika Amma knew that what human beings "think" they are and what they actually are is very different. Ganambika Amma sees a new age, and Sai Maa has been the first person she has known who can move humans rapidly forward into this new age, with grace and love. Ganambika Amma became a master teacher in 2005 and co-leads the master teacher team. She owns Metapoints, a company that provides openings to powerful access points that connect us with the great energy source of all life.
Sandra MagramCrestone, ColoradoSandra Magram has been working with Sai Maa since 2000 and has practiced
and taught meditation for more than 35 years. She feels at last she is home, in the heart of Mother. She has served as Humanity in Unity's national wardrobe seva lead, responsible for caring for Sai Maas clothing. Sandra is a trained practitioner of Jyoti-Atman, Reiki, Polarity Therapy and many other energy modalities. She is the founder of Prasad Gifts, a distributor of premium incense and other natural gifts. Sandra lives with her husband Shirdibhai (Jonas).

Barbara Manley, RN, MS
Indianapolis, Indiana
Barbara became aware of her spiritual journey as a young child filled with devotion. Her awareness enlivened as an adult when she experienced cancer, leading her to heal herself and help others heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is fully committed to self realization and teaching others to bring forth and hold the Light. She became a master teacher in 2006. Professionally, she practices nursing, healing touch, Reiki, Integrative Energy and Ayurvedic therapy and is a yoga and pranayama instructor.

Kristina MatteoPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaKristina had the blessing of meeting Sai Maa in 2003. Sin