Miracle Water

The infamous Master Water

Master Water - Activated by Sai Maa

Activated Primordial Artesian Water
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Master Water utilizes the sacred geometry of creation to produce water that is restored to its fully enlightened state. Just as the vibration of a Master enlivens the quality of enlightenment in the disciple, so the vibration of Master water enlivens enlightenment in other water. Master Water has been personally activated by Sai Maa's shakti to make it Master Water.
Master Water is formulated using Dr. DavidWheelers M-Power Aqua Technology and is specially activated by H. H. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. Just a few drops into a glass of clean drinking water will transform the water into micro-clustered water based on the principles of sacred geometry.
Drinking Master Water every day results in optimum cellular hydration resulting in the following five benefits:
  1. increased absorption and utilization ofnutrients
  2. more complete whole body detoxification
  3. increased oxygenation of the cells
  4. more perfect cell replication
  5. illumination of the brain and the cells of the body
People who consume at least 8 glasses daily of clean drinking water with a few drops of Master Water added have reported experiencing better heath, more energy, greater peace and an expanded sense of well being.
This process is based on the M-Theory of Advanced Physics, which states that vibration at a primordial level is causative to everything in the universe including life itself. Pristine artesian water from the Cascade Mountains of Oregon is used to make Master Water, which is also filtered to insure purity. Master Water is safe to drink because no substance is added but only external forces applied to make it. Drinking Master Water promotes hydration and generally increases the quality of life.

Enjoy a bottle Master Water alone, or add two capfuls of Master Water to each gallon of clean drinking water and drink two to three quarts a day. One bottle lasts for a full month. Master Water works like a tuning fork elevating the vibration of the water it contacts up to its original crystalline DNA of pure form and sacred geometry. Also, drink one to two capfuls of Master Water right after waking up and right before going to sleep. It's like drinking liquid light.
How Master Water Works
The M Power Aqua technology used to make Master Water duplicates the forces of nature under ideal circumstances with natural water movement to restore water to its natural enlightened state.
This technology optimizes two fundamental components: 1) the way in which water flows, and 2) the vibrational information that the water receives as it flows. As a result of this natural process, sacred geometry in motion is induced into water in order to reduce and stabilize smaller H20 cluster size.
In clean drinking water, the H20 molecules form very large clusters. Trapped within these large clusters are single H20 micro clusters formed in the shape of a dodecahedron. The dodecahedron is a sacred geometry that Plato called the source of everything in the universe. The M Power Aqua Technology allows the dodecahedron to emerge from these larger clusters. These dodecahedron micro clusters in Master Water facilitate water passing through the doorway of the cell membranes more easily than water made up of larger molecular clusters. This is the basis for creating superior hydration with Master Water.
MasterWater Hydrates Better
In a recent 30 day clinical study conducted at the Fenestra Institute in Las Vegas Nevada on 30 test subjects, every individual in this carefully controlled study exhibited increased cellular hydration of between 18-23.5% when small amounts
of Master Water were added to regular drinking water and the subjects consumed half their body weight in ounces each day (e.g. someone who weighed 140 pounds would drink 70 ounces each day).
The theoretical basis for Master Waters superior hydration through H20 micro-clustering is supported by the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) test cited below. This chart demonstrates the relative size of clusters found in various samples of drinking water using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and provides a comparison to Master Water.
It can be seen that the relative size of the clusters in Master Water (PMW) and in clean water with Master Water added (AMW) are significantly smaller than the clusters of each of the other waters tested. These smaller clusters can enter the cells more effectively causing better cellular hydration.
H2) Micro-Clustering
in Different Samples of Drinking Water

Horizontally, the above graph presents eight water samples for testing with NMR.
Vertically, the above graph presents NMR Line Width in Hertz for each water sample which correlates with the size of the respective water clusters.
Master Water Primoridal Potency (made with External Forces Only)
Clean Water with 2 Tsps Master Water Primoridal Potency Added per Gallon
Tap Water
Lesser Known Brand of Functional Water made with External Forces Only
Well Known Patented Functional Water made with External Forces Only
Well Known Colloidal Mineral Water Brand added to Water
Well Known Mineral Water Brand
Well Known Electrolyte Water Brand
MasterWater Illuminates the Brain
The sacred geometry (dodecahedral H20 micro clusters) in Master Water function as micro power grids which store energy. When Master Water enters the cells of the body this energy is utilized by the cells thus creating illumination. This has been proven with mainstream science and corroborated by the personal experience of people who drink Master Water. A recent test conducted by Fenestra, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada demonstrated that Master Water contains an abundant amount of stored energy. Whereas all other functional water products and drinking water that were tested measured no more than 200 milliwatts, Master Waters measurement was off the scale for the Fenestra technology at 33,000 milliwatts.
When Master Water is consumed; the stored energy becomes applied and immediately illuminates the cells. This has been demonstrated with aura photography as shown below.

Before Drinking Master Water

Two Minutes After Drinking Master Water

Before Drinking Master Water

TwoMinutesAfter Drinking Master Water

Before Drinking Master Water

Two Minutes After Drinking Master Water

Two Years of Drinking
Master Water Daily
The reason that energy is generated in Master Water is that the dodecahedral H20 micro clusters function as micro power grids to store energy. When Master Water enters the cells of the body, the energy is utilized by the cells.
1. Page 154 paragraph 3:
   "Any attempt to misuse the M-power Aqua Technology or to obtain it through overt dishonesty or through forced government or private sector action there will be a negating of the power to transform ordinary water to Perfect Living Water. [What attorney wrote this]

  Therefore, the M-Power Aqua Technology needs to be used by a highly skilled operator based in Holo-Vita principles as well as with integrity and the highest aspirations to help other living beings on the path to health."


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