JOPH - Journey of Profound Healing

A close friend went to a program. Everything they ‘presented’ to Sai Maa was then told to their close friends and these friends never spoke to this person again. Their privacy was violated. They were ostracized and manipulated. The 'healing journey' format of revealing personal information was only a way for Maa and her close students to control or to isolate and black mail. My friend still shudders wondering if Maa will blackmail Journey of Profound Healing participants in the future - or if she does so now. 
Have you been to one of the Journeys?
What was your experience?

From a JOPH graduate:
"I did go to JOPH – Journey of Profound Healing. It was very psychologically violent. The claim was she was pulling out the chords of our karma. We were no longer subject to psychological trauma from the past or neurological/psychological nuances. She continually placed the blame for people’s problems on their parents. There was an intense release at the end; more from the yelling finally ending in truth. She claimed it was her great power. The program actually involved sleep deprivation as everyone searched for the seed of their “problem.” Food intake cut back and hours spent observing or participating in play-presentations of people’s life traumas. One person had been molested when he was 11, by a Maa disciple.  Sai Maa claimed he had "wanted it."  She claimed to someone else that she would teach them to 'recreate' their lungs in the etheric realm and cure their chronic illness.  (for how much $?)  She claimed someone else would become alcoholic unless they worked closely with Maa the rest of their lives. 
She tried to villianize people's families and then step in as their new parent figure.  She could heal diseases; no one would need psychiatric medication and a few even were no longer going to get cancer.  I could see many fellow members ensnared in her claims; I was for a bit, too.
It’s wild… how we’ll fall for this stuff. I regret meeting the ‘enlightened’ friends; who are really not role models in life.
Read: they were under-employed and reading into every event that happened, claiming a higher level of consciousness in relationship strains, contacting intuitive, drawing tarot cards, hearing voices, and believing that their "work" was of singular importance.  They were narcissistic and emotionally immature.  They had recreated an Indian caste system in their own minds."